you only need three things to create the life you want



Rules of engagement.

These are the rules that gives you status, gives you authority and gives you a personal power to live from.

It is the rules you live by and it is the rules you apply to others on how they treat you, what you accept and what you don’t, not just from others but from yourself.

This is where you stop being the one who is the last end of someone’s joke and become unapologetically you.

Live being the authentic you.




A full life detox.

How much of your life could change if only you stop limiting yourself because of a fear of what others may think, say or even tell you what is possible for you and what not?

How many of your dreams are not being pursued because you do not believe it is possible, simply because of others keeping you down?

This detox plan will help you overcome your fears, false believes and help you deal with those who keep you down.



A roadmap to success

How many times have you wished there was a system you could follow, a roadmap that will lead you to where you want to be.

This is your roadmap.

This is the exact system to create a life where you manage everything. From your relationships, your career and your business.

Create the life you want 40 days at a time and never look back.

Powerful, simplistic and easy to implement.


These three elements will lead you to the life you want, quickly and without fail, for some as quick as 40 days.



New, powerful and it delivers results fast

Creating the life you want,
doesn´t have to be a long drawn out process.


Creating the life you want,
doesn´t have to be a long drawn out process.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: If at any stage you feel, while reading this, that this is just another motivational page, and you think you may find your answers elsewhere, then please, before you go, make a note of this website. 

And when you cannot find what you are looking for elsewhere, come back to this site, and hopefully you find the answers you are looking for on this page, because I know there is nothing more frustrating, than looking for answers and not finding any, while you are losing those you love, the things you worked for and the things you want.


your friends and most of those who surround you on a daily basis, would answer yes to at least three of the following six questions:

  1. Do you feel that you are working every single day, just to keep status quo and will always struggle to get to the end of the month with the money you earn?
  2. Do you have a relationship, but for some reason you have a fear that you may lose or have already lost your partner to someone else who they may feel may give them more than you can?
  3. Do you feel you are always the one who is the lesser than those around you? You earn less than them, your clothes are not to the same standard and you don´t have hopes of ever achieving or living the same life they do?
  4. Do you suffer from a fear your partner is comparing you to others and finding you to be lacking?
  5. Do you feel you are stuck in a rut and you just cannot seem to break free from the daily grind of just surviving?
  6. Do you wish for a way, a formula, a road map that you can apply in your life that will help you create the life you want?

Most people have answered yes to a minimum of three of these questions. The sad thing is that I didn´t have to ask these questions to prompt those thoughts, because the fears and doubts these questions bring forth are living in your mind and gut on a daily basis. Gnawing and slowly eating away at your happiness and ability to enjoy a quality life.

At some stage you will just get sick and tired of being sick and tired, living with these questions that nags you on a daily if not hourly basis.

I reached that point in my own life, where I was sick and tired of being sick and tired of always being the one who is less than everyone else… it was time to change.

  1. There was always another guy who stole the girl I had.
  2. There always someone who lived a better life.
  3. There was always someone who had more, experienced more and lived more than me.

It was not a case where I constantly compared myself to others, but there was always this feeling that surely this is not all there is to life. I just wanted to experience, achieve and live more.

In short:


  • I wanted to know that tomorrow is taken care of,
  • I wanted to have security in my relationship and
  • know that I am living the best life I could live at that moment,
  • but also that my life is constantly improving in quality, wealth and in relationships.

But there was a challenge

The same challenge that so many face, sat straight in front of me.

I had absolutely no idea where and how to start creating the life I wanted.

To be honest, even the idea of what I really wanted in life were vague because of the years of failing and a constant feeling of falling behind.

The lack of direction, achievement and motivation was caused by three very distinct influences in my life. Something I have found we all suffer through.

The first was a lack of control over my own life. It felt as if everyone else had an opinion of me, my life, the way i do things and my own capabilities and potential. It caused me to live a life subordinate to others and this was the surprising part of it. Sometimes I lived life subordinate to others even just by thinking another person will have an opinion about what I wanted to do and therefor I never did it. For instance, creating content online for my business. I would shy away from doing this, purely because of a fear of what others may think.

I even stayed in the same job i hated because I did not have enough faith in my own abilities to look for another job. The devil in your hand is better than the devil you don´t know. I had no rules to live by, of what I accept from others and what I don´t.

The second was a byproduct of the first. I developed fears of what i can do and cannot do. I seem to end up attracting others into my life that basically had a free pass to abuse or ridicule me to the point where they became the masters of me. I lost control of me, my own self.

The third problem I faced was a lack of direction. I wished that there was a roadmap that i could follow to help me to get clarity of what I wanted in life, get control back over my life and then to help me create the life I wanted.

A very basic step by step plan to create the life I wanted.

the roadmap

that helped me see growth within


I searched everywhere for a map, someone who could give me a step by step plan to create the life I wanted.

Off course such a formula didn’t exist. But I was determined, there had to be a way that one could design a roadmap that will lead you to the life you wanted.

Step by step, I created a roadmap, a system that could followed, that could be repeated confidently, leading me or anyone else to have a clear design of the life we all want to live.

It led me to a lifestyle, living 40 days at a time, creating the life I want, 40 days at a time. 

getting control over my life

Once I started to get direction over my life it became clear to me that I had to have rules to live by. Some people still felt they could control my life and what shocked me was how much I accepted others to bully and basically trample over me.

I wrote the rules of engagement. A powerful set of rules of what I accept and what I do not accept in my life, from others and from myself.

Withing days I could see the difference in myself, my focus and my motivation. Some commented: “You changed.”

My answer was simple: “I didn´t change, I just took control back over my life.” This simple and very powerful act of having these rules made me see what was really possible in life and soon after applying these rules I started a business, wrote a patent, and lived life unapologetically.


the biggest detox i have ever done

When you get a system where you get things done, you move forward and you grow and at the same time you start to apply the rules of engagement you realize something.

The years of being compared to others, by others and yourself. The years of failing and not making progress. The thoughts, believes and people you accumulated and made space for in your life, are not always there to serve you.

It creates false limiting believes. It creates pockets of people who will always bring you down, regardless of the growth you see and even though you have become stronger, it will still slow you down and hamper your success.

And so the detox… it was a complete detox of my life, getting rid of negative beliefs, people and things that kept me stuck


This three part system gave me the ability to design a clear step by step roadmap on how to create the life I wanted. It gave me a step by step plan that I could follow, that would create that life.

I now achieve, grow and live more in one year than what I have ever done before. It is where you experience that moment where you think… why didn’t I do this earlier?!

It is my only regret… why didn’t I do this sooner.

Nothing beats that feeling of knowing ¨I am finally on my way, I am finally doing it.

It is a bitter sweet taste because once you see how simple and effective it is, you regret the years lost not knowing there has always been a road map, there are rules that gives you your power back and there is always the reality that at times you just need to do a complete life detox.

You are living your opportunity now.

Take it.

Stop the regret.



you only need three things to create the life you want



Rules of engagement.



A full life detox.



A roadmap to success

This is a full course that you can complete at your own pace.

All of the modules are presented in video format.

It is a drip system where the next module will only be available after you have done the previous module, and at times only a few days after you have done the previous module.

It is deliberately done this way because the intention is to help you succeed. The drip system gives you time to complete a task and trust me, it is worth doing the exercises and then progress to the next chapter / module.