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There is a new breed of men.
Men who deliberately pursue a life of sophistication, luxury, adventure and a life that offers no apology for pursuing to be the best one can be.

modern man

“Making you, your own biggest project”

Discover why some men are admired by many and why everybody wants to be with them.

These simple and yet powerful principles lead to a man who is well centered and focused to create a life that you look forward to waking up to. A life that sets you apart as a man who has his life in control, enjoying what he has but always focused on growing to become the best he can be.

Four distinct parts of life need to make a part of your life as a man. Each of these will fill and create a life that helps you to live a fullfilling life.  A life that makes you a pillar to lean on, to look up to, amongst those who surround you.

The Modern Man – real men – we do not make excuses for the life we live. We do not need to. We build the lives we have in such a way that others, men, women, and children can all say: “I wish I could be like him, be with him or learn from him.”
For some, this may sound arrogant but the pursuit of being the best you can be is at its core a statement that you aim to be an example to others but most importantly – be a man that can look himself in the mirror and say: “I treat myself and others the best I can, I respect me and others the same, I give to myself and others the best version of myself… always.

There is no better pursuit in life than to make you, your own biggest project.

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40X Life by Design is dedicated to being a source of information for men who want to embody an active, driven man who has control over his life.

As men we need to aspire for greatness in every aspect of our lives, this includes our finances, health, relationships, and how we are positioned in life. We should focus to live a simplified, elevated way of life, aspiring to be the best we can be, not just personally but towards every person that may cross our paths in life.

If life is a game, 40X Life by Design shows you how to play it well. Empowering men to confidently pursue a life of sophistication, adventure, and purpose with the raw edge of manhood that is part of our DNA as men is at the core of our message.

Life as a male is worth exploring and we are sure you will agree, a life worth living is a life worth living well. We want to stay in shape, dress well, and live life well as an adult.
We offer career, financial, personal wellness, wealth building, business, relationship, and life advice. With a sense of self, one can set your own goals, rules, and direction and pursue the life that excites you, needs no excuses, and make waking up every day worth it.

if life is a game
learn to play it well

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As men we need to learn to trust our gut feelings. 

There may be a women who makes your knees go weak when you see her, but you just do not know if she is just leading you on or if there may be a chance of something more. Or, is your gut feeling telling you something?


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Alpha male strategies can set you on a path of success and achievement. If you ever wanted to know how to become an Alpha male, these Alpha male strategies are what sets you on the path of Alpha male training.

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The most attractive man, sexually and in character because of their independence, mystique, and adventure. What is a Sigma male and how to become one.

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the alpha male menu Grant Cardone

The Alpha male achieves a lot more than the normal male in life. His personality drives success and achievement.

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The Zeta male

If you hate the typical "pissing contests" between men and do not feel you fit into the stereotype of "manhood" then you may be a Zeta male. 

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the beta male

The Beta male is well-liked but often manipulated, bullied, and used for the purpose of serving someone else's dreams. Learn to avoid being used for the purpose of building someone else's dreams.

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Delta males are in general motivated individuals but tend to hold grudges against others. Anger and resentment fuel a lot of what they do. You don't want to be a Delta male type.

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If you are an intelligent, sensitive, and affectionate man but battle with relationships and being accepted in your social circle, you may be a Gamma male.
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The Omega male is at the bottom of the social hierarchy. You absolutely do not want to be an Omega male. You will be bullied, manipulated, and always serve the dreams of others.

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