The alpha male

alpha male definition

“Alpha” males are ranked by society, males and females, to rank at the top of the male social hierarchy, based on their power, influence, status, money, and social power.

what is an alpha male?

An Alpha male is one of the seven male personality types in the male social hierarchy and ranks high on the second bar from the top below the Sigma male,  and next to the Zeta male personality type.

Alpha males are described as the most powerful of all men and have attained most of his personal power and influence through dominating conversations, situations and other people.

They are driven by achieving personal greatness, only for the sake of being seen as the most dominant and successful man amongst his social and professional circle.

male social hierarchy picture

Until recently, the Alpha male or alpha wolf as he is often known as, has been sees as the ultimate personality type and the leader of the wolf pack. But in recent times the Sigma male has overtaken this image of the ultimate male personality and the Alpha male is often intimidated by the Sigma male.

life as a alpha male

Life as an Alpha male is a high-energy rollercoaster of exhibiting and upholding the Alpha male strategies to win in life. One of those alpha male strategies is to win at all costs.

At the core of an Alpha male’s motivation is his ego. If that gets hurt in any way whatsoever, the Alpha male will stop at nothing to take revenge.

As an Alpha male, a hurt ego will hurtle you back into Delta male status for short periods as you display the exact personality traits of a Delta male, who thrives on revenge.

It is easy for you to get consumed by anger, hate, and resentment towards others that wronged you.

Grant Cardone the perfect Alpha Male example

The perfect Alpha male example Grant Cardone

As an Alpha male, you are never satisfied with your last accomplishment, and your ego will drive you to attain more and more in life. You will implement every Alpha male strategy known to you to ensure that you tackle the next goal with as much dominating power as possible.

alpha male strategies, alpha males are famous for

It is for good reason people admire Alpha males. I, for one, admire Alpha males for specific character traits. Here are some that make Alpha males so successful in life in terms of what they accomplish.

  • Win – there is no option to lose.
  • Dominate – second is the first loser.
  • All in, nothing left to chance.
  • Ignore the opinions of others.
  • Do what others won’t.
  • Rule the roost.
  • Alpha males decide when the conversation ends.
When you look at these Alpha male strategies, you may think, but there is nothing wrong with these. You are correct. It is these Alpha male strategies that make Alpha males so successful. Some of them you may think are questionable. And yes, we agree some of these strategies do look questionable. But it depends on the perspective you choose to look at these strategies.

We expand more on the Alpha males strategies in this article. We encourage you to click here to read more. It will change your perspective and it may open new doors to the success you want.

experiencing life with an alpha male personality

Living life with an Alpha male personality is not always easy, but it sure is an exhilarating ride.
When you look at Donald Trump, who is the perfect Alpha male example, you tend to get shivers up your spine when you think of being at the brunt of his demands. So if you are an Alpha male, spare a thought for those on the other side of the receiving end of your demanding and driven personality.

As an Alpha male, you will know that Alpha males do command a lot of respect because they get things done. In a world where being politically correct has become the new religion, being different, especially being an Alpha male, is a path few explore. But to be honest, it is a breath of fresh air to listen to someone who calls things the way it is without sugarcoating everything. In many ways, this is exactly what the world wants and needs. They are waiting for people to take action and move forward. Who has the character and confidence to do so, and in so doing, everyone moves forward.

As an Alpha male, you will make enemies, or in better terms, there will be people who will not like you because of jealousy, feeling threatened, and their weaknesses. Most other males have grown soft and want to be cuddled to death before you get any results from them. So it is no wonder that, as an Alpha male, you will get a bad rap for applying straight shooter, alpha male strategies in everything you do. It is effective even if in the world’s eyes you are leaving people behind with scars to get the things done to give you the life you want.

But in the end, as an Alpha male – you need to decide, and I think you already have – do you want to sacrifice your life’s dreams for the sake of a softened male ego from another male?
Being an Alpha male is not a bad thing. You may feel beaten up sometimes because of the negative labels thrown at you. But if you can learn to harness your good points and manage your less attractive personality traits, your life is set for exponential success.
So if you experience any of the following, you may be on that path to becoming extremely successful and even evolve from an Alpha male to the highly sought-after Sigma male.
If you have been asking the question: Am I an Alpha male, you could be an Alpha male if you:

  • Get easily annoyed when others slow down a process that could bring you success.
  • Feel insulted when others do not pay you respect to the point where revenge becomes fuel for the anger that boils over.
  • You know that you are good at what you do, but you feel that others slow you down.
  • You often get labeled unfairly for being driven.
  • You can control a conversation, and you are normally the one leading and initiating conversations.

as an alpha male,
what would you want most from life at this moment

“Personal Victory and growth”

Grant Cardone, Alpha male and high achiever pic

The perfect Alpha male example and high achiever – Grant Cardone

An Alpha male is driven by this yearning to become the best he can be and achieve more than what he achieved the day before.

Yes, your ego plays a massive role in what you do, but why not feel proud of what you accomplished and accumulated. It may sound naïve and shallow. But the modern politically correct world wants to exist on a notion that just good enough is good enough until they see you, an Alpha male, applying Alpha male strategies to achieve the life you have.

So what do Alpha males desire the most? To be the best they can be and to be proud of that.

alpha male traits in general

In genera the most obvious Alpha male trait is that they are loud, in comparison to other more reserved male personality types. This makes them seem obnoxious and arrogant towards the other male types but in the end, if you want to get something done, it will most probably be the Alpha male.

If you display or have any of the following traits, you may be an Alpha male.

  •  You set high, almost unachievable goals.
  • You expect others to work as hard as you do, and if they don’t, they are an immediate irritation.
  • You do not care what others think, well, almost.
  • You are proud of your accomplishments and do not hide them.
    Alpha male traits

    Grant Cardone, behaving the way Alpha males do.

    Positive Character traits of alpha males.

    Alpha males have an amazing palette of positive character traits, and it is most definitely evidence why you will achieve so many dreams that others could just hope for.

    • You push yourself harder than you do others.
    • You are a go-getter that makes you someone that pushes the envelope of what can be achieved in life.
    • You are the energy of any social gathering and relationships.
    • You take control where others will only settle to follow.
    • You lead others and not only professionally, but in personal relationships as well.
    • Your high-energy personality makes you someone others seek to be with.

    negative character traits of alpha males.

    Here are some Alpha male traits that may make others try and avoid you or may negatively affect the quality of your life:

    Your high-energy, driven personality can be too much to handle for some.

    • You come across as being bossy, pushy, and overbearing.
    • At times women may find your big talk too much and may feel embarrassed by it.
    • Because you become so easily irritated by others, who do not work, they will label as a bully easily.
    • You tend to live a flashy life, showing your abilities and accomplishments, which may come across as bragging.

    what women think of you as an alpha male

    Women fall head over heels in love with Alpha males more often than not. There is an animalistic attraction that women find hard to resist. Your high testosterone male personality does give you a dominating persona that gives you an instant edge above other men.

    The women that tend to end up with alpha males are alpha females themselves. They understand the personality of an alpha male very well because Alpha females are so highly motivated themselves.

    Women who fall lower on the social hierarchy will find you too much and sometimes a bit cocky, but still, they will have an incredible sexual attraction towards you. If they do end up with any other male personality type that is not a Sigma or Alpha male like yourself, they will fantasize about you during their ho-hum sexual encounters with their partners.

    Women will also compare their husbands to your high-energy, go-getter personality and will soon find their husbands boring compared to you.
    At women’s social gatherings, you will be at the top of the ‘to talk about list’ and your accomplishments in life will make them wish they were the ones who were next to you.

    what your friends think of you as an alpha male

    Your friends enjoy being with you, and because you have applied the typical Alpha male strategies throughout your life, in your life, you have created a lifestyle others only dream to have.

    Not only do you benefit from this, but your friends tend to enjoy the fruits of your labor as well.
    Your high energy and bright outlook on the future are inspiring, and it is almost as if your friends come over to soak up some of it to get inspired themselves to achieve more.

    what your colleagues and boss think of you as a beta male

    AS an Alpha male personality, you will most definitely have more energy than most people with who you work. How they feel about you will most definitely depend on the boss you have.

    Most managers will love your energy when you go for an interview but will soon find you to be too much to handle, especially if their personality styles fall on a lower rung of the male social hierarchy. If they do, they will find you a threat to their position, so they will tend to bully and suppress you at work.

    The people you work for will be the same. If they are Beta males, Omega males, or any other male personality type that falls on a lower rung of the male social hierarchy, they will feel you threaten their workspace and workflow. They will think you encroach on their space, and they will talk about you behind your back. Better strap on that stab vest because the one thing lower-ranking males do well, is backstabbing.

    how to create a more fullfilling life as an alpha male

    As an Alpha male, you rank extremely high on the Social Hierarchy which makes you a sought-after male by females and males alike. There is still space to grow to secure the life you dream to live, there are still some things you can do to grow.

    Our best advice to create the best life to live as an Alpha male:

    • Never let go of the Alpha male strategies that have brought you to where you are today.
    • Do not allow the comments and labels others put on you to get under your skin and break down that awesome, energetic personality that has served you so well.
    • Learn to grow that bit more towards adopting more of the Sigma male personality traits as you both actually have the Alpha male strategies as a lifestyle, but the Sigma male have less of those small personality traits that make you such a threat towards other males.

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