The delta male

delta male definition

Delta males are highly motivated individuals, who try to be successful and fit in, but because of grudges, resentment, and hate towards others constantly self-sabotage their possibility of achieving success.

what is a delta male?

A Delta male is one of the seven male personality types in the male social hierarchy and ranks on the fourth bar from the top below the SigmaAlphaZeta, and Beta male personality types.

Although Delta males rank high on the male social hierarchy, they are often found on their own by choice as they build walls around themselves to “protect” themselves from disappointment and hurt by others. They tend to self-sabotage their success because of a built-up resentment towards others who have wronged them.

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life as a delta male

Life as a Delta male is frustrating. You will focus on creating a better life for yourself and becoming the best version of yourself, only to find yourself derailed from this path. You constantly trip over your hate, resentment, and anger towards those who have wronged you in life, even as simple as not accepting you into their lives or acknowledging you.

When you look at your life as a Delta male, you will recognize that there were times where you flourished, grew, and made leaps and bounds of progress.

Then suddenly, your progress seemed to slow down and then began the backward spiral.

After weeks, months, and sometimes years, you realize one thing. You were consumed by anger, hate, and resentment towards others that wronged you. 

best Delta male example Chuck Rhoades from Billions male personality types

Delta male example Chuck Rhoades from the Tv-show Billions.

It is then that you took your focus away from the one thing that meant the most – your life, your progress, and the things that made you come alive.

as a delta male you may experience this in your life?

As a Delta male, you will feel excited and motivated to create the life you want. At the same time, equally, you will have a lot of anger, hatred, and resentment towards those who have wronged you in life:

You will be a salad bowl of mixed feelings from opposite spectrums. For instance, if you have a mixture of the following emotions that drive everything you do, you may be a Delta male:

  • Hate.
  • Resentment.
  • Anger.
  • Motivation and drive to be a better you.
  • Yearning for success.

You have a deep-seated feeling that you are living in the shadow of other men. It makes you suspicious that your friends, girlfriend, spouse, or loved one is comparing you with another man, and you hate it. And so, the motivational quote: ‘Success is the best revenge.’ has become your motto.
It is creating anxiety inside of you, and your success cannot happen quickly enough.

At times, due to the frustration at how long it takes for you to become successful, your anger and resentment may boil over, and the negative spiral of self-sabotage ignites itself once again.

as a delta male,
what would you want most from life at this moment

What you want most out of life as a Delta makes is for others who have wronged you to apologize.
And if that is not going to happen, you desire your success to outshine them and make them feel a loss for not still being a part of your circle.

positive character traits of delta males.

As a Delta male, you have positive attributes that can set you on a path of success and higher ranking on the social hierarchy.

  • You have the drive to succeed.
  • You want to become the best version of yourself.
  • Your conversations regularly are positive and motivational.
  • You believe that success is possible for most people.
  • When handed tasks, you can finish them successfully.

negative character traits of delta males.

As a Delta male, you have some positive attributes. But because of your Delta male traits, they may stem from a negative emotion only… revenge.

  • You desire to become successful, but this desire is born from a point where you only want to beat someone else and get out from under the shadow you have been living.
  • Your motivation comes from taking revenge and proving you are better than others.
  • Your anger and resentment for being treated poorly boil over to hatred to a point where it consumes your thinking.
  • You often lose yourself in the cycle of revenge instead of being in control of your emotions.

what women think of you as a delta male

In the beginning, when women meet Delta males, they tend to think that your positive and driven outlook to become successful is very attractive. They may fall in love with you, and your relationship will progress from that point onward.

With time though, women will notice the anger and resentment you carry with you. Your focus on vengeance and getting justice for these wrongs will put them off very quickly, and they may develop a level of disgust in you.

You may even get to a point where you are confused about your relationships, and you may ask the question: “Why don’t women like me.” They like you, but they don’t like the Delta trait that makes them dislikable – hatred and anger.

what your friends think of you as an alpha male

As a Delta male, your friends will enjoy your company for various reasons. The first is obvious. Your positive outlook on how you want to develop and conquer your life will be impressive, and they will enjoy seeing your progress, or at least listening to the progress you want to make.

The second reason they will enjoy your company is listening to your war stories about how you hate this person and that person. It is fun to listen to unless they are the ones in the firing line.
Some men and women, who may have had the potential to become good friends, will become aware of your anger issues. They will realize that if they wrong you even in the smallest possible way, you will build resentment towards them as well.
People will have a fear of crossing lines with you. For this reason, many will tend to stay clear of you but still, they will find your stories amusing.

what your colleagues and boss think of you as a delta male

At work, your colleagues will know you as a man with a temper. Not that you ever had a moment where you let it all out, but because you spend eight hours minimum a day with your colleagues, you are sure to share your stories of how you want to take revenge on specific individuals for the things they did wrong to you.

You have to remember, we build a reputation at work, not always through what we do but through what we say. Repeat a story enough times, and people will put a label on you.
Your colleagues will also see you as competition because of your fierce pursuit to outdo others.

How to stop being a delta male
and evolve into a Sigma male

You will know yourself, as a Delta male, you are highly motivated to succeed. Your motive to succeed in life needs to be in the right place. To be the best you can be for yourself, not to outshine others.

Our best advice to grow into a higher evolve male personality type.

Some steps you can take to evolve higher and even become a Sigma male:

  • Let go of revenge.
  • Let the past be the past.
  • Focus on what you need to do to evolve in a higher-ranking male personality type.

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