The Gamma male

the gamma male definition

Gamma males are intelligent, sensitive, and affectionate men with the downside of being clingy, and super sensitive to criticism and rejection, to the point of being toxic in relationships.

You owe it to yourself to investigate your personality type and see if you may be a Gamma Male. Once you know what personality type you are, it will be easier for you to identify what you need to work on, to evolve into a higher ranking personality type, and thereby improving your relationships, life and ranking on the social hierarchy.

what is a gamma male?

A gamma male is one of the seven male personality types in the male social hierarchy and ranks fifth from the top below the Sigma, Alpha, Zeta, Beta, and Delta male personality types.

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are you a gamma male?

To help you tell if you are a Gamma Male you will need to think about how your friends, family, and work colleagues will describe you. The Gamma male has both positive and negative character traits and it is important that you look at both of them, and not just the positive. It is only then that you will know if you are a Gamma male or not. This is a private conversation you need to have with yourself and there is no harm in being completely honest with yourself. It may sound obvious but sometimes we do not like to acknowledge the negative and we end up with a half-truth. If you want to grow and find out your true potential you will need to be very honest with yourself from this point onwards.

as a gamma male, what would you want most from life at this moment

As a Gamma male, there is one thing that drives you more than anything else. It is at the center of your thinking, focus, and yearning every single hour of every day.

Your thoughts would be like these examples:

  • “I wish others could just accept me for who I am.”
  • ” I wish someone can love me the way I do them.”
  • “Why can this world not be more about love and less about things.”

Most of your thought would center around being accepted, cared for. Emotions count more for you than material things.

And this is why being accepted is at the core of your motivation for doing everything you do.

the gamma male in general

Friends, family, and work colleagues describe you as a very nice guy and they would say that you were like this from the very first time they met you.

When you find yourself in a social setting, you will most probably be the one who goes out of your way to be friendly and welcoming to newcomers and strangers?

gamma male

When you are invited to a Social Gathering, you feel bad for people who are on their own and almost feel guilty for the sake of the host for not including them in conversations and making them feel more welcome.

With women, you are confused because why is it that even though you are extremely nice, you still feel the need to ask the question “Why don’t women like me?”. Relationships with women, in the beginning, are fun and exciting. You feel that they enjoy your companionship but soon find that they “friend-zoned” you even though you felt some chemistry.

Friendships feel strained because you feel you are always the one who is making the effort to keep contact and massage the friendship. When you stop calling others or messaging them, your phone will normally go silent for days or weeks on end.

If this describes your life then you are on an exciting journey even if life, relationships, and your personal fulfillment in life feel a bit strained at the moment.

Next, we are going to look at some positive and negative personality traits of a Gamma male. Once you have read through them we will share with you what your friends, woman and your work colleagues think of you. We will then give you some advice on how you can grow and rank higher on the social hierarchy that is always at work in the minds of those who surround you. At the end of this article, we have a link to the social hierarchy so that you can see how this works or you can read more about the social Hierarchy by clicking here.

positive character traits of gamma males.

Gamma Males are very nice men, especially in the beginning of a friendship and relationship. You know how to make someone feel welcome and at ease even when meeting them for the first time. People tend to warm to your friendly nature very quickly and are likely to respond in a friendly manner because of your warm, welcoming nature.

At social gatherings, you will easily spot people who get neglected by others and you will take the first step in making them feel welcomed and not ignored. It will also be those who are not in a group that you will approach instead of people who are in a group because it makes you feel safe against other males.

At work you are extremely good at what you do and you tend to be able to be extremely analytic. The bets jobs that suit you are jobs where problem solving is needed with an analytic mind.

Your intelligence will be on the higher scale when compared to the general public. General conversations about life will bore you, unless someone talk about making it big in life. You will gravitate towards conversations that are about big audacious goals, adventure and fantasy.

negative character traits of gamma males.

If you do recognize things in yourself from this article that make you feel horrible about yourself, do not despair. It is a positive sign that you want to grow and become a better person. Not only that, you have identified the things that is hindering you from having a more fulfilling life and better, longer lasting relationships. At least now you will know what you can work on and the negative lonely spiral will no longer dominate your life. 

As a Gamma Male you may feel frustrated, because although you have a very warm, pleasant and welcoming personality, you just do not seem to be able to build long term relationships. You tend to feel that people ignore you and it is difficult for you to pin down the exact reason why. This section will help you in so many ways and I want to encourage you to read through every point. It will show the reasons why women don’t like you and why friends will minimize contact with you.

As a gamma male
you are obsessed with being accepted

Due to the one thing that drives you as a Gamma Male – being accepted – you cannot stand the fact when someone does not return your affection or reciprocate your warm welcome and friendliness. One reason for this is that your craving for being accepted makes you extremely clingy to the point that when someone reciprocates your warm welcome, even with as much as a smile, you immediately make an assumption that there may be chemistry between you and the other person. This person will immediately feel you want more but they may not be ready for more, even just a friendship. So when this person retracts and no longer reciprocates your warm gestures, even if it looks on the surface as just being friendly, you have this very strong urge to try and find out why they do not like you. It becomes an obsession for you to message, phone and try and stay in contact, because you firmly believe that if they get to know you, they will want you in their lives and accept you for being a loving, friendly and kind guy.

The key here is your obsessive desire to be accepted and wanting the other person or persons to want you in their lives.

As soon as someone tends to ignore you and this will drive you insane. You will analyze the whole situation, from meeting them to the point where you feel you lost them, to try and figure out what you did wrong to offend them and make them ignore you. It is a horrible feeling and this makes you obsessive to try and win the relationship back.

Think for a second. When you message or call someone and they do not return the message or answer the call immediately, do you obsessively analyze why they are not answering, looking at your message or replying to your message? Do you repeatedly look at your phone to see if they have seen your messages or if the message have been delivered?

As a gamma male, being obsessively possessive of friends, people you assumed you had chemistry or a connection with, will make them feel smothered in the friendship and relationship. This will make them want to avoid you and that is the reason why most women don’t like you. Women do not ever want to feel owned.

Their clinginess tends to wear others down to the point where they will be avoided at all costs.

It is not difficult to tell the male gamma from the rest of the male personality types in a group. You have no need to seek them out as they will normally be the nicest guy in the group who will normally come forward to greet you first. Gamma males will target anyone who is standing alone as he will avoid conflict with another male type.

as a gamma male
you tend to live a fictitious life

Because of your deep rooted desire to be accepted and admired by others, and at the same time have a deep rooted feeling of a lack of depth, you tend to invent a life of achievements and dreams you are “going” to achieve. This fictitious life becomes your persona even to the extend that you believe that it is real.

This has an extremely negative effect on your life because when people do accept you into their lives, you spend endless hours and energy trying to cover up the fact the life you presented to them, to get them to feel attracted to you, that is not true. You do this by doing all sorts of things to distract their attention to other things they may like, such as gifts, chores, surprises etc. that you end up spending what little time, energy and money you have to impress them further.

The sad thing is that once you get caught out, you will then play the victim in the story and make an oath to yourself that one day, when you have “all these things” you will show them it was true. This is who you are.

It is good to have dreams and hopes in life but it is even more important to present them as such to others. You have a dream to become a millionaire or to live in another country, but at this moment you are working towards it. 

as a gamma male
you peddelize women to the point of obsession

When you find a woman that shows interest in you it is an all or nothing deal for you, regardless of how young the relationship may be. As a gamma male your emotions will be in overdrive trying to make sure the woman in your life feels like an absolute princess (nothing wrong with this) but to the degree where you smother her with your affection.

Everything in your life, what you think about and what you talk about is all about this one, wonderful person who has become the center of your being. You do absolutely everything for her to the point where you become a foot-slave to her every need and hint. She only need to look at jewelry and you will do everything you can to purchase it for her.

You loose friends and longstanding relationships because your idolization of this new love have made you unbearable to those who have known you for a while already.

Jealousy is at the forefront of the relationship and woman will tend to feel smothered in the relationship due to the investigative and in depth analyzing of they did during the day. Your questions about her day will not be out of interest, but an underlying jealous act to try and find out who she had contact with, spoke to or even worked with. Due to your insecurities you will analyze the answer to see if there are any cracks in the relationship.

Even how the woman in your life respond to a question will set you off to analyze if there is something else going on behind it all. Woman will soon feel smothered and will want to escape, only to be met with your angry, jealous wrath.

what women think of you as a gamma male

In the beginning most women think that you are an angel. In comparison with the previous boyfriend or husband they had you look like a prince. They will think you are friendly, funny and good conversation. As a Gamma male you will tell them about your dreams etc. and who you are (fictitious of course) because you feel they need to be impressed by the person behind it all.

Very soon though they will find out that none of it is true. They will feel smothered in the relationship and they will be well aware that in your head you are way ahead in the relationship compared to them.

Their opinion of you will change and you need to remember that they will not have a test result of your personality at hand to reference from. All they will have is your behavior, constant questioning and the real life you have compared to the fictitious one you presented to them. Woman will very quickly not only “friend-zone” you but put you in a box of avoid at all cost.

You will soon find yourself asking the question “Why don’t women like me.”

The answer: Because of your behavior, lies and smothering, jealous and obsessive behavior towards them.

As you mature in life the women you meet will avoid you from the outset as they will have enough experience to spot a gamma male a mile away. Women in general hate “gamma males” or men who display gamma male behavior because they know there is no truth in who they are and your jealous obsessive behavior will give them now freedom.

what your friends think of you as a gamma male

Again, like women, your friend will not have a test result of your personality at hand to tell them you are a gamma male. They will also have only your behavior to judge you from and what others are saying about you. 

The friends you have will see you fail in relationships with women and they will have pity on you. Especially the wives and girlfriends of your male friends. They will find it hard to understand why such a nice guy just cannot find a girlfriend until they hook you up with one of their friends.

It is then that it changes as their friends will tell them about your obsessive behavior. After this, you can forget about hooking up with a friend of your friend’s girlfriend. They will all know to stay away from you because of your toxic obsessiveness.

Your male friends will feel sorry for you but pity you for your lack of substance. They will label you as a tryhard and stand at a distance when they see you fall again and again.

When you do find a girl and obsess about her like you did the previous one, they will pity the woman and know it is only a matter of time before you fall again.

Even your friends will try and keep a distance between you and their other friends and female friends to protect them and avoid being embarrassed by your behavior.

what your colleagues and boss think of you as a gamma male

At work you will be appreciated for your work and your analytical mind. Most people at work though will know to keep you at arms length because they know your neediness to be accepted will drain the energy out of them.

You will tend to speak to much about your accomplishments and for days and weeks after a task has been completed you will tend to fish for compliments from colleagues and your boss.

You will find it hard to understand how no one can see how an important role you play in the whole organisation and you will assume that the next promotion will be yours, without a doubt.

Your boss and other managers will have other ideas as they know you will be obsessively analyzing the behaviour of others and smother their potential. For the sake of the company and keeping employees your boss will tend to keep you at arms length from other employees and you will be given tasks where contact with other managers, bosses and customers are kept at a minimum.

The only promotions you will get will be where your analytical mind can be put to good use and yet you will be distanced more and more from the people you crave to be with and crave to be accepted by.

how to stop being a gamma male
and evolve into an alpha or sigma male

Our best advice is to stop being a Gamma Male:

  • Stop being so obsessive and desperate to be accepted by others.
  • Stop fighting for it and constantly seeking it.
  • Learn to give people space and get back to you on their own. Don’t force relationships


    And the most important one – learn to live within reality and stop trying to pass of a fictitious life as the real you.

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