The omega male

omega male definition

An Omega male is a male who allowed his ambition and dreams to be killed by others, now living life as it comes with no drive to change course.

what is an omega male?

An Omega Male is one of the seven male personality types that makes up the male social hierarchy and ranks on the bottom bar below the Sigma, Alpha, Zeta, Beta, Delta, and Gamma male personality types.

The reason why omega males rank on the absolute bottom slot of the male social hierarchy is that others, men, and women consider them men with no drive, lazy, and no future, even though some are intelligent, likable, and social individuals.

male social hierarchy picture

life as an omega male

Although Omega males rank so low on the male social hierarchy, they are at times intelligent, charming and social men but with a twist.

If you are an Omega male you will know that the twist is your view on anyone who pursues a higher life.

Because you have a bit of a cynical view on the type of life most people pursue, such as wealth, position, relationships, and family, you tend to ridicule others who pursue it.

The reasons why you may have such a cynical and negative perception of the life most people strive for are varied.

Most of it will stem from being rejected by others, bullied, and a childhood that made life difficult for you became disillusioned with the ‘dream’ life.

The other reason why you, like so many other males, adopt the Omega male traits of rejecting the stereotype of life, is because you found it difficult to integrate and relate to other men and women.

Alan, the perfect example of an omega male

The best and most famous example of an Omega male is Alan from the Hangover from IMDB Studios

Because of this you gave up and decided it is too difficult to grow and have settled for a life of just existing with no dreams or ambition.

The good news is that there is an easy way to develop your life and become a person who can rank high on the social hierarchy and become someone who also pursue goals, live a higher life and have a life that you look forward to waking up to every day.

as an omega male, you may experience this in your life?

As an Omega male, you will feel disconnected from society, your friends, and close ones. You may feel confused that everybody else is still chasing a vision of a better life than you believe does not exist or is impossible to make a reality.

Because of the Omega male character trait of being disconnected, you will also:

  • Have no ambition to chase dreams and goals.
  • Tend to not look after your health because you will believe it is a waste of time.
  • Just do enough not to get into trouble.
  • Feel judged and misunderstood.
  • Have difficulty with relationships with women.
  • Have women in your life that tend to also be unhealthy, undriven with no inspiration.
  • at times tend to latch onto women who have ambition and live of them until they get tired of your lack of ambition.

as an omega male,
what would you want most from life at this moment

Even though, as an Omega male, you have disconnected and given up on pursuing dreams and goals, you do desire something specific. An answer to the one question you have – is it possible to live a life that you look forward to waking up to again and get your motivation back.

It is as if you rebel against a “normal” life but you still want to have a life where you know that tomorrow is taken care of.
Subconsciously you will always have a subtle fear about your future and what about tomorrow. To some degree, you will feel ashamed that you need help from others to survive, even though you want and claim to be independent of “the system.”

omega male traits

If you display or have any of the following traits, you may be an Omega male.

  • Do not have the ambition to own a home, property or create wealth.
  • You lack the drive to look after your health as you see no point in pursuing a healthy body.
  • You gravitate towards instant rewards.
  • Your relationships tend to superficial with no real depth.
  • Your conversations will gravitate towards escapism eg. online games, movies etc.
  • Your dress sense is sloppy with no intention to make an impression.
Alan from the hangover the perfect Omega male example

Allan, the perfect Omega male example, in another scene from the movie the Hangover.

When you look at your character traits as an Omega male, you have to consider why people feel the way towards you the way they do. But you, like many other Omega males, do have positive character traits as well.

positive character traits of omega males.

Positive Omega male traits that you do possess:

  • You have a very well-developed analytical mind. For this reason, you weighed the pros and cons of pursuing a higher life. You compared the effort and failure rates and mixed your own experiences and personal accounts into it. It is how you came to believe that pursuing a higher life is not worth the effort.
  • You are a good conversationalist as you will have a point of view different from most men. Your viewpoint will challenge others to think about their own lives and motivation for doing what they do.
  • You have a high level of confidence that makes you hard-skinned towards the criticism you receive from others for the lifestyle you chose to live.

negative character traits of alpha males.

Some of your character traits as an Omega male will make other want to avoid you at all costs. In the beginning, they may tolerate some of your personality traits. Eventually, they will develop the opinion that you are a negative person, who they will try to avoid.

  • You express your viewpoint to the point where others will feel you want to force others to accept your point of view.
  • As mentioned before, you have a lack of drive because of your negative perception of ambition. It will make others who do not understand where this is coming from, believe that you are just lazy.
  • You have accepted your belief system as the absolute truth. You don’t consider that others made a success out of their lives, relationships, and careers as proof that your perception of life may be wrong.

what women think of you as an omega male

When you look at what an Omega male believes about life and how he lives his life, it would be hard to think that women will feel an attraction towards an omega male. But like anything else in life, some women accept Omega males into their lives.
It could be for various reasons. Some women do have this tendency to want to save others from their demise. Some women will be able to see that you have been hurt in your life, had disappointments, and may come from a broken family. She will see that because of this, you developed your belief system and will want to show you that there is a better life out there, and so she will take you in, like a puppy she found in a shelter.

That is the viewpoint that most women have of Omega males, that they are broken individuals that need fixing.

what your friends think of you as an omega male

Your friends are the same as you as we have mentioned before. They do not have any drive, and they find solace, like you, that there is someone else who has the same opinions about life as them.
They will feel that, because you have no drive or ambition, that you will not push them to achieve anything either.
Most of your days, time off, or weekends will be spent with like-minded friends, wasting hours and hours playing games and engaging in escapism.

Time with an Omega male is the ultimate comfort zone for anyone who does not enjoy pushing their comfort zones.

what your colleagues and boss think of you as an omega male

As an Omega male, your boss and colleagues are comfortable with you. They know, because of your lack of ambition, that you are no threat to them.

At times though, they will get irritated with you because, like any other typical Omega male, you need to be reminded and asked several times to keep focused and complete tasks.
There is a general feeling that you are lazy and distracted easily. It will stem from your addiction to escapism (online games, books, and other distractions that give immediate satisfaction.

how to stop being an omega male
and evolve into a sigma male

Even though you are being ranked low on the social hierarchy by others, you have the potential to become a highly sought-after male.

The reality that your character traits stem from your belief system that is heavily skewed into one direction to such a degree that you gave up pursuing the dreams you once had. Those dreams are still alive inside of you, and you walk around with a constant gut feeling that there is more to life, but your aspirations for a better life have been shattered to such a degree that you just gave up.

Our best advice on how to stop being an Omega male is:

  • To look at the evidence around you to prove that pursuing a higher life is worth it, and it does work.
  • Start on small goals and grow a foundation of success, one step at a time.

Instead of kicking your friends who are the same as you at this stage, omega males with no ambition, why not make a pack between yourselves to pursue a better life again?

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