The socio sexual hierarchy and the male hierarchy

use it to your advantage and become the best version of you

the sigma male

what exactly is the socio sexual hierarchy and why is this important?

The Socio Sexual Hierarchy is a sexual ranking scale developed by Vox Day. You can use the Socio Sexual Hierarchy to determine not only where you rank but also to determine if you have an Omega, Gamma, Delta, Beta, Zeta, Alpha, or Sigma male personality type.

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the seven different male personality types

There are seven different male personality types that will determine where you will rank in society, in other words where people think you fit in.

People will at first sight judge you on your appearance and that first introduction to you as a person. The way you dress, behave and carry yourself will help them determine where they judge you to fit into their own personal grading system.

With time, as they get to know you, your personality and behavior towards them and around them will serve as further evidence and credentials they will use to rank you on their own personal social scale. As we have mentioned, there is a Social Hierarchy or socio-sexual hierarchy that you are ranked accordingly.

With time seven different male personality types have been determined that make up this hierarchy and they are ordered in the order that people will rank you as being approachable, likable, powerful, and influential.

The seven male personality styles are:

how the socio sexual hierarchy or male social ranking systems work in real life?

Like wolves, we can easily sense where we or others fit in the world around us.
When you get invited to social events or you host them yourself – how often have you noticed that some men are the center of attention without even trying while others seem weak and they are always the brunt of the joke – not just by men but woman as well.

That is the socio sexual hierarchy playing out in front of you.

The socio sexual hierarchy does exactly what it says. It determines where you fit on an imaginary and yet socially developed scale in the eyes of those around you. And based on this, woman and men will make their decision on how sexually attractive and powerful you are in relation to others.

Whatever their measure is of you, will determine if they want to be seen with you or even be with you.
At the top of the power pyramid (a 40X term) you find the sigma male, who by definition is equal to the Alpha male, but has an alluring power that makes him the most powerful of all men in the male social rankings.

This is the most sought after modern man of today; everybody wants to be and wants to be with.

how the socio sexual hierarchy work

But, this is not just a game about who gets the prettiest girl; this is truly a game of power so climbing the male hierarchy is pertinent to your success and happiness in life. Male social rankings are ingrained in who we are as human beings and as long as you breathe you will be a part of it.

why you should use the socio sexual hierarchy to determine what type of man you are?

The purpose of finding out where you fit in the male social rankings pyramid is not to sit and feel sorry for yourself if you find yourself being on a lower rung than others you know. The purpose is to determine what you are doing that makes you an easy target and seem weak in the eyes of other men, woman and the man looking back at you when you look in the mirror.

use the socio sexual hierarchy to grow

When you know where you fit in, you can then develop a plan to grow and climb the male hierarchy rankings and become the best version you possibly can become. Apart from increasing your chances with the ones you want in your life, it has other far-reaching benefits to you as a person that can enrich your life and help you live a fulfilling life. The opposite is most definitely not that enticing.

Do you really want to stay on the bottom of the pack and be laughed at, and made fun of, not just by men but women as well?

if you find yourself on a lower scale of the socio sexual hierarchy there is good news.

The good news is that wherever you find yourself on this natural male hierarchy ranking system you can climb the ladder through being more aware of what you do, how you think and how you behave in groups. As a man you can become the man that has his life in control, dictate his own destiny, and who is the most sought after modern man of today – the sigma male. The sigma male is a male personality type that sits on top of the male social rankings and is the most authentic and approachable man of today. You will normally find the sigma male portrayed in movies as the lead man who shows a contemporary take on success, masculinity and self confidence.

You can use the socio sexual hierarchy and read about all the male personality types to try and find your place in the male hierarchy. From that point onwards you can determine what you need to do to grow into the best version of yourself and become the sigma male –the lone wolf, the most sought man of our modern day.

A good man is getting hard to find these days and that is exactly what woman really want. Sigma males are what woman are looking for and when you sit down and think about this for a while – it is exactly what you have been looking for to become. To be the best version you could be, not just for yourself but to every person who you come into contact with. Because it is not just you who benefit, but every person who come into contact with you, because you give them the best of you, all the time.

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