The sigma male

the sigma male definition

A sigma male is the man you want to be, rebellious, intriguing, mysterious, successful, wanted. A man who lives his life dedicated to strong principles he set for himself, stays true to himself, and has well-defined boundaries to what and who he allows into his life. This makes him the most mysterious and desirable of all men.

Not only does this define a Sigma male, but it is the closest definition of the most evolved male that we know today. If you were to ask any woman what her definition of a true man is, it would be the Sigma male.

The Sigma male signifies the life that every man yearns to live.

To be successful, to be admired, to be respected, to be seen as mysterious, and to be wanted.


Sigma male example Harvey Specter from Suits

Sigma male example Harvey Specter from Suits

If you ever wondered why some males get the promotions, the women, the attention and why life seem to be so effortless for them, then this article will help you not only understand the mystery surrounding the Sigma male and it will give you some advice on how to become one.

What is a sigma male?

A Sigma male is the highest-ranking male personality type of the seven male personality types in the male social hierarchy. The Sigma male ranks above the Alpha, Zeta, Beta, Delta, Gamma, and Omega males.
Because of the Sigma male traits, they are the most sought after and admired by both men and women. They are the most magnetic of all men when it comes to attraction.

sigma male pic socio sexual hierarchy pic

What drives a Sigma male?

Unlike any other male character type Sigma males don’t do what they do because they seek approval, admiration or bragging rites. Sigma males do what they do because of a pursuit to be the best they can be in every area of their life. They pursue being the best not for others but because they believe they can always do better.

The rewards that come towards them, the admiration, the women who want to be with them, the high paying salaries, style, clothes and strong character is because of who they have become internally.

What drives a Sigma male is the firm believe that their best lives are still ahead of them and they will do whatever they can to be ready to meet that future.

The sigma male in general

Sigma males are the most sought after and respected male type by both women and men. Most men desire to evolve into being a Sigma male.

There is an aluring presence that surrounds a Sigma male that no other male personality type posses. Sigma males do not just appear. They are made, self made in every sense of the word.

Sigma males evolved through focus and determination to build a life that gives them the foundation of success. Because Sigma males have done it on their own they know they can do it again and again. They personify the man who have learned to stand on his own two feet, regardless of the circumstances or situation and in each the Sigma male will triumph.

Sigma males evolve through a natural process through all the various personality types from the delta, gamma, beta, alpha to finally graduating being a Sigma. Sigma males are developed through the extraordinary ability to go through the school of hard knocks and instead of being beaten down.

the lone wolf the sigma male

They learn from every mistake, broken relationships, failed attempt, and mistreatment that others inflict on them, to evolve into being a Sigma male.

The rewards of graduating as a true Sigma male are incredible, as you will see from this article. 

Positive Character traits of sigma males.

Sigma males do not fear the bullying tactics of other men because none of it work on Sigma Males. They have grown above emotional and other fear tactics to the degree that they can stand strong in any situation.

Sigma males earn the cream when it comes to salaries and incomes because they are extremely desirable to companies because of your driven personality. Companies know they are an asset to the company because of their ability to win over others without trying.

Sigma males do not follow the dangerous route of staying in a rut many sheep in companies follow, just showing up to work, doing just enough not to get into trouble and then going home the moment the clock strikes on home time.  Because of how you evolved, being self made, you tend to see opportunities that others miss.

discovery of new frontiers

A sigma male is always searching for new answers and frontiers to expand. Because of the trusting and loyal character traits of a sigma male, the sigma male will stay with a company for years on end, as long as he is allowed the freedom he needs to explore new frontiers. Create the space for a Sigma male to flourish in, and he will bury himself in finding the new, innovative ways that will take your company further.

Sigma males tend to set up their own businesses because many leaders or managers of companies try to confine a sigma male according to their own understanding of how employees should behave. Most managers because of their controlling nature make the relationship impossible to flourish and grow, soon finding the sigma male leaving for freedom and the company being at a loss.

A sigma male tends to have a love for discovering new frontiers. This love will give them a travel and exploration bug that is rarely satisfied. Your life will be a life of adventure, always seeking new things to explore and experience.

Negative Character traits of sigma males.

Sigma males do not present many negative character traits – it is the reason why they are at the top of the socio sexual hierarchy. 

What women think of you as sigma male

Because sigma males are focused on outcomes rather than admiration and acceptance by others, it adds to their mystique, making them ‘the hunted’ by the opposite sex and often by the same sex. 

Women find Sigma males irresistible and it is not because of their looks. Many Sigma males will not qualify as beautiful in the sense of being a model. Some of them have hard rugged faces, edged with life experiences. What makes them so magnetic and irresistible is the way they carry themselves.

Women also know that sex with a Sigma male is a wild ride for both. Be prepared to experience the act of being pleasured to the extreme. Sigma males, due to their adventurous animalistic spirit, do take things in bed up a notch.

sigma males and sex seven shades of grey

There are two sides to having sex with a Sigma male, and both will be experienced during a sexual encounter.

Sigma males are caring, and when it comes to the bedroom, they take it to another level.

They enjoy pleasuring their partners but to an extreme.

Seeing their partners enjoying pleasure heightens their adventurous side, and they want to see more of this. It is almost as if Sigma males feed of the pleasure of their partners. It leads to sexual encounters with Sigma males that can last for hours and not minutes.

Then there is the other side of a sexual encounter of a Sigma male. You need to understand that a Sigma male will take care of his own needs.
Sigma males do not care what you think of them. They do not apply judgment on you, and they do not care if you judge them for the things they do in bed with you. It means that when they want pleasure, they go all in, literally.

sigma males love sex and lust all in one package

You get the taste of wild animal sex instead of the ho-hum sexual experiences where only one partner experience a climax, and you wish there were more.

Think seven shades of Grey, the fantasy of many a woman. Judge a sigma male in bed, and you will be left out cold, never to be touched again. If however, you want to experience the full sigma male treatment, you need to let him know you want the full sigma treatment.

And then there is the other side of a Sigma male. The security that they provide. They are steady, focused and deliberate with everything they do. They know where they want to go and their ambition drives them to be better. There is nothing sexier for a woman and what a woman want more than a man with direction, ambition and this animalistic drive to go for what they want.

what friends of Sigma males think of them.

Friends of sigma males know that it is one of the best experiences in terms of friendship. Because as we have stated already, sigma males evolved in the furnace of life. They have learned how to deal with hurt, abuse, manipulation, and the falsehood disguised so easily by others. They are always willing to listen and give advice that works. You will always find yourself on the receiving end of positive, helpful advice, and support.

Sigma males will always have your best interest at heart. You will most probably spend hours talking to each other, but when you do not speak for weeks and finally catch up, it is as if that break never existed. You will pick up exactly where you left off before.

Sigma males will never judge you for the things you do in your life. They will observe, leave no comment, allow you to go through your experience but always be there on the other end to help you if you may fall.

Friendships with sigma males go deep and friends of Sigma males know that the friendship is a commitment to always be there for the other. Friends feel secure with a Sigma male because they know that this rare personality trait is real with Sigma males.

sigma males value freedom for both himself and those in his circle

sigma males respects freedom for you and himself

If you happen to be in a relationship with a sigma male, you will have all the freedom you want to explore your world. They expect the same as there is a deep level of trust. If you do happen to break trust, that circle closes, and the chances of you ever being allowed back in is nonexistent.

Sigma males also enjoy a sense of freedom, as they are not easy to tie down. It would be impossible to tie a sigma male down. If you do try, because of his empathy and understanding towards you, you may find him allowing you some leeway in this area, only to find him slowly dying inside but to a point. He will then break loose and become the lone wolf again, stronger than before.

It is one of the confusing character traits of sigma males. Many try and tie them down, only to find them break free after a while and this is where the confusion sets in. When sigma males eventually want to break free, they are often blamed to have changed.

They never change, they adapt but always return to their roots as sigma males – free, lone wolves. If you value having a sigma male in your life, respect him for the person he is and never try to change him to conform to a ho-hum lifestyle. If you do, you are guaranteed to lose him.

the protective benefits of being in a close relationship with a sigma male

There is an unspoken code with sigma males – trust. They will trust you to live a life of freedom, and they will only step in when they see another threaten to take advantage of you as a person. They will rarely act out of jealousy because they do not value jealousy. If they react towards others who threaten the relationship, it is not about being jealous.

It is actually because of the weak person trying to mess with your life.

Sigma males are protective of those close to them because they have such a deep understanding of the others.

They want what is best for you and will act, sometimes with aggression if needed, if they see other weaker males trying to take advantage of your friendship or you as a person.

They do not see the other person as a threat to them, but they do see them as a threat to your wellbeing.

protective benefits of a relationship with a sigma male

Do not see their reaction to the person threatening your wellbeing as jealousy because it is not jealousy. It is a genuine concern for your wellbeing.

You could interpret the protection from a sigma male as a sign of disrespect towards you because you may feel the sigma male should have trusted you enough to handle the other person yourself.

sigma males is not jealous but protective

The fact is, by the time a sigma male reacts, he has already given you sufficient time to deal with the other person.

Sigma males will see your inaction as a betrayal of his trust because why, if you have seen the intentions are not good, do you continue to entertain this person.

Never blame sigma males for reacting when you do not take action against weaker males who threaten the relationship. Sigma males give you all the freedom needed but do not take advantage of it.

Being in a relationship with a sigma male is beneficial to you in other ways as well. Others may want to use your friendship to get access to the sigma male through you. Another benefit is that others will admire you and see your worth as you have been accepted into the small circle of friends that a sigma male will allow in his life. It shows that you are trustworthy, and your qualities is what made you admirable to the sigma male.

How to become a sigma Male

The first thing you need to do to become a Sigma male is to establish what type of male personality you are now. You will then be able to find out what your negative personality traits are that are hurting and holding you back in life.

Then the best part, you need to learn what a Sigma male is in depth. From this point you can start emulating the Sigma male and when you recognize you are displaying some of your old negative personality traits again, you can stop and focus to be a Sigma male.

Growing and evolving to internalize personality traits that lets you rank higher on the social hierarchy of men, takes time, focus and knowledge. Learn everything you can do to fast track you growth. The sooner you do, the sooner you grow. The sooner you grow, the sooner you can live the life you want to live. 

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