The Zeta male

zeta male definition

Zeta males are intelligent, sensitive, and affectionate men who do not submit to what society dictates a man should be or what the role of a man is in society.

The Zeta male picture

life in general as a zeta male?

A Zeta male has personality traits that make him extremely independent as a man. Other’s will tend to rank you outside the Socio Sexual hierarchy because of the independent Zeta male traits.

Unfortunately, because of the opinions others have about your strong independent male Zeta character traits, you will find it difficult to fit in.

But then again, typical of Zeta males, you don’t care how others rank you on their social hierarchy.

As a Zeta male, you know who you are, what you believe in, and how you will function in society, even if it is against the norm of how others expect men to function in society.

Zeta males authentically live life, and so they are true to themselves. 

Zeta males live a Zeta male lifestyle without giving an iota of thought to the judgments of others.

famous zeta male example phil from modern family

The best, most famous example of a Zeta male is Phil, pictured above, from Modern Family

Zeta males have the potential to become extremely successful in life because they are not distracted by trying to fit in or the opinions of others.

what is a zeta male?

A Zeta male is one of the seven male personality types in the male social hierarchy and ranks on the second bar from the top below the Sigma, next to the Alpha male, and above the Beta male personality type. A Zeta male is a highly evolved male personality type and we place the Zeta next to the Alpha because of their evolved personalities and also how women rank them on the social hierarchy.

Zeta male ranking on the socio sexual hierarchy and the zeta male symbol

Women, especially in modern times, love three male personality types for different reasons, but one thing all three have in common is their highly evolved status in confidence and knowing who they are and a Zeta male is no exception. Women who love men who are well defined within themselves (who know who they are) will either love an Alpha male and hate a Zeta male or love a Zeta male and hate an Alpha male, especially when a Sigma male is not in sight. If a Sigma male is in sight, all women who would have fallen for an Alpha or Zeta would most definitely shove them aside to go after the Sigma.


A Zeta male is a male that follows his own rules, and very often is referred to as being very authentic, true to himself.

A Zeta male does not define masculinity or manhood the same way other males define masculinity.

For a Zeta male, there is no specific role that is either reserved for a woman or a man, and most often than not, you will find them in the midst of a group of women talking about the typical things women talk about – family, life issues, work issues, and that one person at work that get’s up everyone’s nerves.

It is rare to find Zeta males mingling amongst Alpha, Sigma, Beta, or Delta males at social gatherings.

Not because the Zeta male does not want to, but because the other males rarely invite a Zeta male into the conversation, because of their none role-specific view of life.

Zeta males are often described as a women’s best friend for many obvious reasons as you will see.

are you a zeta male?

To help you tell if you are a Zeta Male you will need to think about what you want from life, what you think about roles that society subscribe to men and women, and what drives you to do what you do every day.

If you feel that society today should be more open to men being a stay at home dads, men fulfilling roles woman used to occupy, or that society should not impose “what a real man is – such as the alpha male” on everyone, then you are most probably a Zeta male.

As a Zeta male you feel a bit pressed to be a type of male that you do not necessarily want to subscribe to and you have this desire to be a more authentic you. A male that is more homely and family bound.


 The only reason why you haven’t yet expressed or have stepped into that role could be your fear of what others may think of you if you do.

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Zeta males can be straight, bi, or gay. Your sexual orientation does not determine if you are a Zeta male, but your thoughts and convictions about what you want to do in life are what determines if you are a Zeta male.

For instance, society subscribes to the idea that women are normally the ones that will stay at home and look after the house, kids, and everything else that needs to be done to run a household. But what if that is what you want to do and your wife or partner is the breadwinner? Does it make you wrong or does it just describe you to be a male that does not subscribe specific roles to either men or women? And that is a Zeta male.

as a zeta male,
what would you want most from life at this moment

As a Zeta male, what drives you is completely different from anything that drives other male personality types and that is liberated thinking and to be able to live free from expectations.

Your thoughts would be like these examples:

  • “I wish I could be free to stay home and create a home.”
  • ” I wish others did not judge me because I do not do the typical male “pissing contests.”
  • “Why does society force me to do what they think a ‘man’ should do and not just let me be and do what I want to do.”

Most of your thoughts would center around being authentic, creating a safe environment for you, your loved ones, and taking care of others. For you, the comfort and the welcoming environment you create are more important than setting high financial or career goals. 

zeta male traits in general

Friends, family, and work colleagues describe you as a very homely type of man with a love for the artistic side of life. 

When you find yourself in a social setting, you will most probably prefer to talk to women and you are welcomed into the group extremely easily because you will be described as a man that “understands” a woman’s point of view. 

famous zeta male example is Phil from modern family

The famous Seta male example Phil who defines a Zeta male to a T, from Modern Family

When you do get invited to a Social Gathering, your invitation would have come from either a lady friend or your partner who got invited and you are going with. Men, who fall into the other six male personality type categories will in general not invite you because you are judged as being “on the soft side”.

It takes time for you to develop friendships with other men and for this reason, you will normally not have many male friends. It doesn’t bother you as all of your attention and focus will go to creating that safe environment for your inner circle that normally consists of your partner, kids if you have any, and very close friends. But in general, your focus is more close to home than outsiders.

Next, we are going to look at some positive and negative personality traits of Zeta males. Most who have taken the time to get to know Zeta males find them to be extremely pleasant. 

When you, as a Zeta male, discover your strengths and weaknesses you will learn how to expand your social circle to also include other male types on the social hierarchy. The most evolved male character type is the Sigma male and as a male Zeta, you could look at what makes a Sigma male the highest sought-after male in the social hierarchy. It could spark in you a new field of interest to develop further as a Sigma male.

At the end of this article, we have a link to the social hierarchy so that you can see how this works or you can read more about the social Hierarchy by clicking here.

positive character traits of zeta males.

Zeta Males are one of the most evolved male personality types and as we have mentioned, sits just below the Sigma male. What makes Zeta males interesting is their varied fields of interest.

Most Zeta males are well-read and have developed an open mind when it comes to the roles men and women play in life. They are open to the idea of a woman having more power, income, and say in the house and they literally think of men and women as complete equals in every sense of the word.

Zeta males love to entertain and create environments where others can thrive and relax. Women love Zeta males because of their world view that men and women are equals and they have no shame if women have more power than them.

At work they play versatile roles as they will be extremely inclusive of all who are part of a team. They are focused on the task and not the person doing the task. They are outcome-focused so they will be more than willing to step in to help others to meet the end goal, without judgment that the other person lacked skill or drive.

Conversations will be intellectual and will be about topics that involve life, fulfillment, and having a wholesome life instead of finances, goals, hunting, and the outdoors.

negative character traits of zeta males.

If you do recognize things in yourself from this article that make you feel horrible about yourself, do not despair. You are a highly evolved male type as a Zeta male, you just do not fit the form and label that other men will put on being a “manly man – the hunting, goal-oriented, go-getter type that is the stereotype of a man’s man.”

As a Zeta Male you may feel frustrated because although you are well evolved and would make the perfect partner, many who would have liked you as a partner may shy away from you because you do not fit the bill as a “manly man” and yet to can provide in every sense of the word and more. The next few paragraphs will show you some points that make it difficult for you to be accepted in groups and also find a partner for life. If you use this information and somehow turn it around, you may just set yourself on a path where you can live the best possible life imagined. 

as a zeta male
you come across as “snobbish”

If you have truly evolved into a Zeta male it will mean that you do not really care what other people think of you. This personality trait, mixed with you being “so different” from the norm that we find in men, will make you come across as “snobbish”.

Other men will take your: “I do not care what you think” attitude as a cold shoulder and in general they will return this with either a smart remark or with a “shut you out “attitude.

Other men will never approach you again as they will not think that you can provide any benefit to them, in terms of giving them attention and putting them higher on a pedestal. It makes for a lonely journey of feeling that you are always judged and not well understood.

as a zeta male
you tend to live life in your own world

Because of your evolved nature, you will live a life where your world basically consists of you and whoever you have let into your world. It is all about you and protected this tiny self-created world. It leaves you isolated in your world and it is hard to develop a friendship with anyone who only lives in that small bubble.

as a zeta male
you pity other men who do not share your world view

As a Zeta male with an evolved world view of life where everyone is equal, you live with a view that any man who does not share this open, liberal world view is not an evolved man.

A tiny speck of judgment and elevated arrogance about your evolved status makes you a target for other men to hate. No one wants to be seen as lesser than you, especially by someone who has such a drastically different view of the role men and women play in life and also because of your drastically different style if we could put it that way.

For other men, Zeta males come across as women with a penis (0ne that is only a nonworking ornament) because they cannot fathom why women will be interested in a man who are willing to be a stay-at-home dad or man.

All of this will stem from your “higher than the” attitude towards other men. Unknowingly, you have entered into a pissing contest with the other males on the social hierarchy, all because your view and lifestyle are different and you think it is better.

what women think of you as zeta male

Zeta males are alluring to women because of their independence and “no need to impress” attitude. 

You are easily drawn into conversations with women because you see things as they see things. This has one drawback though, you will get friend-zoned extremely quickly. 

There are only so many women in this world that have an extreme level of femininity that makes them motherly and who will love to have you as a partner. Women who love to play house and be a mother are most likely to be the ones who are attracted to you as a Zeta male.

If you do find a woman they will act very motherly towards you as well because there is a lack of testosterone driving sexual appeal.

What appeals to women is your own desire to build a family home environment and your immersive focus to play an equal role.

what your friends think of you as a zeta male

Most of your friends will be like you, very Zeta male-like or a male that falls lower on the social hierarchy of men.

Your friends will like you for who you are because of your nature to create an environment where they can thrive. They enjoy the fact that you have no judgment towards them and your friends will be made up of men who need approval, or who need someone in their lives that can listen to their endless battles in a male stereotyped world.

Your friends will respect you and they will most likely be the ones who call you instead of the other way around. Only because you are so immersed in building your own homely world that they are rarely on your mind.

what your colleagues and boss think of you as a zeta male

Men at work will tend to leave you alone. They are confused because of your male Zeta nature and unbiased way of thinking towards women and men.

You will confuse most men as they will not be able to place you. They will battle to figure out if you are straight, bi, or gay because your nature of being unbiased does not make you lean towards one way or the other. Testosterone does not drive you so where other men will regularly “do the pissing contest thing” through either playing sports, bantering, or grading women on a scale of one to ten, you will be found reading a book. This, because of our nature to rank men on a social hierarchy in our minds, will place you in their minds outside the socio-sexual hierarchy- in other words, you do not rank.

Women at work will adore you because of your approachable nature.

In general, you will be respected for your contribution at work, but will regularly be overseen for promotions because of your lack of testosterone-driven leadership skills.

Leaders are often chosen when they display Alpha or Sigma character traits. The Zeta Character traits do not lead others to see you as a leader.

how to grow as a zeta male
and evolve into an sigma male

You are an extremely well-developed male and the Zeta traits make you one of the highest-ranking males on the socio-sexual hierarchy. But to be able to grow your life, finances, and career opportunities and also to be able to live a more fulfilling life, you will need to evolve that one step further into a Sigma male.

Our best advice to grow into a Sigma male is:

  • To set financial and career goals.
  • To look at the bigger picture and not be “home-focused” where your whole being revolved around creating a home.
  • Learn what drives other men so that you can relate to them better. 

as a zeta male, harness your strong character traits, and create the success you and your family deserve.

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