how to get your

ex-girlfriend back

If you are crying out: ¨I want my ex-girlfriend back, then it will feel as if your whole life is imploding on you.

The truth is, it is imperative to find a solution how to get your ex-girlfriend back quickly. Winning your ex back is time sensitive and there is a time limit before she moves on permanently and never return to you.

Knowing that you can lose the love of your life, who now owns the title of being your ex-girlfriend, causes an anxiety and angst in men that very few understand.

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Your biggest enemy is

anxiety caused by a fear of loss.


There are other men who have had an eye on your girl for a long time and they are just waiting for the opportunity to have a chance.


Your ex-girlfriend is looking at ways to progress her life without you every minute that goes by.


 chances of her coming back to you get smaller and smaller with every day that pass and time are running out if she will ever return to you.

Reading any of these sentences above will cause you anxiety because of a fear of loss. If it did cause you anxiety it is also a reflection of where your thoughts have been since your ex-girlfriend left you.

Uncontrollable anxiety could make you want to force things to return to normal. It is these things, the things we do out of anxiety, that could ruin your chances permanently of ever getting back together with the love of your life. 

What you do and don’t do next, could be the most significant in terms of deciding the fate if you will ever get back with your ex-girlfriend.

And that is exactly the first thing you need to do if you want to ensure there is any chance of getting back with your ex-girlfriend; you need to make a heartfelt, firm decision, that you will not do anything that may ruin your opportunity to win her heart back.

Do not give her a reason to believe that breaking up with you was the right thing to do.

Once you do something to confirm that her decision to break up with you was the right one to make, there is absolutely no chance that you will win her back and you may have given her a reason to start dating other guys.

Make this the 0 point, the furthest point backward that you will go in your relationship. From here on onwards, you only do things that will bring you back together with your ex-girlfriend.

Picture this as your current state of the relationship.

how to get your ex-girlfriend back

Make your break-up the worst point you will reach in your relationship with your ex-girlfriend. So again, make the decision you WILL NOT do anything that will ensure she never comes back to you.

The 5 things you should not do

if you want to get back together with your ex-girlfriend.

1: Do not become an emotional wreck.

Woman are looking for men who are strong emotionally. You may think that crying in front of her or showing her what an emotional wreck you are because you no longer have her in your life will show her how much you loved her and how much she meant to you. But that is not what woman see when you are an emotional wreck. Girls, woman, or anyone for that matter do not want to have someone in their lives who are an emotional drain to them.

It is okay to fall apart and cry your heart out when you are on your own, but never be the negative energy, the emotional wreck in front of your ex-girlfriend.

2: Do not throw stones at your ex-girlfriend.

Let the past be the past. Do not try and compare her faults with yours to justify the wrong you have done. The last thing she wants to hear is how you are trying to justify what you did with something she did. That is not a winning strategy to get back with your ex-girlfriend.

3: Do not have negative opinions about a potential new boyfriend.

There is a saying in advertising – never talk about the competition. It doesn’t matter if it is good or bad because all advertising is good advertising. The only thing you will do when you talk or ask about the potential new boyfriend is you will make her curious why you are so interested and jealous of the new boyfriend. Is there something in this new guy that you are afraid of? If you put these thoughts in her mind, it will automatically put him in a more dominant role in her mind, above you. Do not do his advertising for him. He should never be a topic in a conversation.

4: Do not try to win your ex-girlfriend back through her friends.

DO NOT EVER try to use the friends of our ex-girlfriend to win her back. They support her and there is always on toxic friend who will do everything she can to stack the deck against you.

5: Don´t act or do anything out of anger.

Spare those emotions of anger towards your ex-girlfriend. It really does not matter if you want her back or not. If you say anything out of anger she will recognize you as being an aggressive, angry and resentful person. It is the one thing that will stop any opportunity to get back with your ex-girlfriend. Take the Sigma Male road, have a heart of a diamond. Beautiful to everyone but harder that a rock. It stays strong, confident and know that inside you reside a fantastic, powerful gentleman that will rise again

The 5 things you should do to get  back together

with your ex-girlfriend.

1:         Give her space.

2:         Apologize for being an idiot.

3:         Create a Plan how you will win her heart back.

4:         You will need to upgrade who you are if you want to make sure you do not lose your ex again.

5:         Put things in place to make sure you stay on the path of growth, to prevent you getting back to this situation where she is again your ex.

Always keep this in mind: Your main goal is to get your girl back. Not to win a fight or be the one who ¨wins over other men who may have an interest in your girl. Your goal is pure – it is only to have the love of your life back.


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