Why don’t women like me?

Why women dont like me?

Knowing the reasons is your key to building a stronger presence and becoming the most sought-after male in your social circle.

Know the answers to why women don’t like you could be your key to success.

Instead of moping about why women don’t like you, you could use this as an opportunity to create the life you want. If you asked this question and you use this opportunity you could literally be at the brink of a turning point of your life.

To live the best life you could live, you need to use your circumstance to your advantage.

You took the first step and asked the question: “Why don’t woman like me?” and I commend you for asking the question. The best news I can give you is that if you use this opportunity you may just discover things about yourself and if you work on this, it could set you on a path of success, not just with woman but every part of your life.

The reasons why women don’t like you as someone they could potentially have a relationship with comes down to five important factors:

  • You are not strong enough (In terms of taking the lead in the relationship.)
  • You are not ambitious enough.
  • You are not sexually stimulating. (You do not ooze that strong testosterone lone wolf scent.)
  • You do not stand tall amongst other men. (Other men will potentially get the better of you in social settings)
  • You are too needy and are showing typical beta male behavior.

If you use the above information and somehow create the flip side of the above you will effectively have transformed yourself into the man woman want – the Sigma male.

How you will benefit from taking action and go from “women don’t like me” to being sigma male who is the center of attention.

If you can learn to adapt the character of the sigma male you will become a man who can take the lead in situation without fear. This single character trade will also set the stage for you to get promotions, start and run your own business and actually living the best life you can live. The reason, you set the pace, direction and energy for your life and others are less likely to direct your life for you.

Once you have evolved from a male on the lower rungs of the socio sexual hierarchy, you will realize that your best years are still ahead of you. You will see the potential of life around you and ambition will become an added benefit that will create a life that you look forward to waking up to every day.

When you come of as being needy and a people pleaser, sexual attraction towards you do not come to mind. Woman do not feel any sexual energy or attraction to someone they put into a friends basket. Unlike men, friends do not sexually excite woman. And this single fact, a lack of sexual attraction towards you, will make you the type of man woman do not like in terms of having a relationship with. If you can grow a stronger character you will still be able to take care of your woman but she will most definitely feel more like a princess. Exactly what she wants to feel like, a princess being taken care of by a prince, instead of a footman. Women do not date footmen.

Evolving into a stronger you will make you stand tall against other men in your friendship circle. You need to remember that women are also aware of how you will make her look amongst her friends, male and female. If she knows or sense that her friends will make fun of you, she will most likely be at the brunt of the joke. You are immediately disqualified as having any potential as a lover or partner that is more than just a friend. As a male who can stand tall amongst her friends will open doors for business opportunities, invitations to more parties, social gatherings and the possibility of meeting more woman.

Women today are busy individuals and the last thing they want is a needy person who is high maintenance. If you come off as needy they will immediately put you in the friend only basket and rarely will you be invited over for a drink. Women who choose men to have sex with and partner with, want energy and drive around them. A person who saps the energy out of someone who wants adventure will most definitely not be invited over for a second time.

Make it a goal to create a life others want to live with you.

If you take this as an opportunity and look at ways how you can grow as a man, you could have just stumbled upon an opportunity to become the man you always wanted to be. the man who is the center of attention and who woman will fight to be with.

Start with looking at what personality type you are. You could be any of the seven male personality types that are on the Male Social Hierarchy. One of them that will lend you to feel that women don’t like you is the Gamma Male personality type. Read about this here to see if you may be a Gamma Male and see how you can develop and evolve into a Zeta, Alpha or Sigma male that ranks Higher on the Socio Sexual Hierarchy and who is perceived as being better or of higher standing than Gamma males.

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