the sigma male

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Living your best life is determined by the freedom you feel you have to live the life you want to live. The problem most men have though is that we have given our power away to others, who rule our lives through manipulation, fear, emotional and financial blackmail.

We are summoned to serve the will of another, verbally or feelings of guilt, knowing that we have lost our souls, strength, and freedom in the process.

This insightful, compact book will show you how to claim back your life as a man and still be someone that others can hold onto, without loosing yourself to the emotions, demands and drama of those who surround us.

the sigma male book
the sigma male book
you were born to be free

You were born to be on the top of the socio sexual hierarchy. 

You were born to have control over your own life and destiny

You were born to have control over your finances

You were not born to:

  • Be manipulated.
  • Bullied.
  • Belittled
  • and feel you have no control over your life.

 Claim back your power through becoming what you were born to be – a sigma male.

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the gut feeling there
should be more to life

If you have this gut feeling that there should be more to life, it is the Sigma male in you screaming at every fiber of your being to claim back ownership of your life.

The best days of your life is ahead of you. If you feel it is being stolen from you claim back ownership today.