living life with no limits

the most powerful book written for men

powerful benefits

The benefits you will gain will astound you, leave you speechless but more than that, it will leave you empowered to live life on your terms.
Imagine the benefits and growth you can have by eleminating negtaive influences from your life.
This include the manipulations, lies and deceit from someone you though loved you. It includes growing as a person strong enough to stand up against others who want to misuse your goodness and see it as a weakness.


  • Save your relationships
  • Grow your life the way you want it to be.
  • Be you again.
  • Have control over your life again.
  • Gain direction.

About the author

author of the unbullshitified life
author of the unbullshitified life phone
the unbullshitified life

I grew up in South Africa. Known as one of the most violent countries in the world, I have also seen how the toughest of men can be broken with continual subtle manipulation.

I do not believe that men are above women. At the same time, I do not believe that any man should be beneath any woman. Neither should any man live in the shadow of another man.

This book was written with one intend – to enable men to live free from mental and emotional bondage that is inflicted by selfish egoistic women or other men.

I will bow down to no man, neither shall I allow a woman to control my soul.

I know as well as you may know by now, not all who say they love you, love you for the person behind all the things. This book does not make women an enemy but it shows you how to identify those who are selfish, egoistic, and narcissistic. The users, abusers, manipulators, and leeches, who suck the life out of others.  

The final punchline to life is to show you how to live life, focused to live the best life you can live, making you immune to users, manipulators, and any women or man, who want to use you for their own selfish advancement in life.


enough – the unbullshitified life

the unbullshitified life
The power of removing negative influences from your life is highly underestimated.

Imagine the life you could live if you remove:


What could your life be like, if you made sure that those in your life are there because you want them there and not because they manipulated their way into your life, controlling what you do, what you can do, and where you are heading.

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