Is she leading me on?
10 signs she is playing you.

is she leading you on

You have a specific woman or girl that makes your knees weak but there is no commitment or clear sign she is actually into you or wants to commit to a relationship.

You have exchanged a few hellos, or have gone out together a few times, but after all of that, all you are left with is a gut feeling she is leading you on.

Courting is part of the dating game, but it should not lead to a place where you are left with uncertainty if she is just stringing you along.

It is then that the fun stops and the pain starts.

how to know if a girl is playing you:

the 10 signs she’s leading you on

  1. She does not invite you to her social events.
  2. She will meet you in malls or places not close to where she normally hangs out.
  3. When you talk to her friends, none of them will mention her during the conversation.
  4. When she is with her friends her hellos sends a clear message: “It is only a hello and not an invitation to join the conversation.”
  5. You will hear from others she has gone to other social events, without you, but only after the event.
  6. She likes your attention but only when she is sure the two of you are alone.
  7. You will always be the first to text her and initiate a conversation. She never talks to you or sends you a message first.
  8. She replies to your texts late at night but rarely during the day.
  9. When you do go out she hints at things she wants – mainly focused on “bling”.
  10. Her conversations are centered on how she dreams of a better life, romance, etc, playing on your weak point of wanting to be the man that makes her feel like a princess.

the hard truth to swallow, if the girl or woman you like is only stringing you along.

If the girl is playing you, she identified a weak spot in you that she can take advantage of. She likes you more for what she can get out of you than what she likes you as a person.
If she liked you as a person, she would have made it clear already and you would never have had thought if she was leading you on.
If she is playing you and you have answered yes to some of the suggestions above, the girl you like maybe one of nine women we identified that you should stay away from and who will only use you for personal gain. Click here to read about the nine women you should avoid.

so why do men fall for women who only tend to lead them on or play them?

The biggest problem men face today is:

  1. They have become desperate to some degree to have a woman, any woman, in their lives.
  2. Manipulating women have learned the weak spots in men and how to take advantage of them for personal gain.
  3. Men lower their standards just to have a girl in their lives.
  4. Men are so desperate to be accepted and get acknowledged that they will chase women to the end of the earth even if the women they chase have all the personality traits that will make them vomit. If only the desperation of men did not blind them to it they would never chase the same women.
  5. Men think they can fix women and are the savior of women. Manipulating women have identified this as a weak point they can use for selfish gain.
  6. Men do not know how to identify manipulating women to avoid. Learn this here.

the painful truth but the best news you could get.

It may be painful to accept, but if you are being led on or played by a woman you may either be:
A: chasing one of the nine women you should avoid and or
B: you may be one of the following male personality types.

1: Alpha males
2: Beta males
3: Delta males
4: or Gamma males.

Each one of these male personality types has weak points that manipulating women seek out to exploit for their own selfish needs. Click on each of these male personality types to see if you may be one of these male types.

What you can do, to remove the uncertainty of being played or strung along by a woman:

If the woman you chase is one of the nine women you should avoid, let her go. It will only lead to a toxic relationship and life. You will hate your life and she will rob you of being able to find a woman you adore and who adores you for the person you are.
If you identified that you may have a personality type that women take advantage of and manipulate for their selfish gain, then focus on how to become:
1: someone that women want to be with.
2: A man with boundaries and knowing how to identify a good woman and avoid the selfish manipulating woman.
A well-developed man will always have a woman next to him that brings out the best in him and will never lead him on.

When you reach that point where you have become a man women want, the signs will be obvious.

Women will make it clear to you that they like you.
They will never lead you on or string you along.
They will know they cannot take advantage of you or use you for personal, selfish reasons only.

Two things you can do today that will help you and clear up the mystery if she is leading you on:

1: Decide to ask her in front of her friends for a coffee. Be prepared for the answer. It could be a clear yes, or she could say now in a degrading way, in front of her friends. Make your decisions accordingly from what you now know.
2: Decide, regardless of what happens above, that you will never crawl after a women’s attention again. Decide to become that strong individually that you never crave the acknowledgment and acceptance of a woman, but that you will build your relationships on mutual respect and admiration.

Trust us, when you do, women will be the ones who make it clear they want to be a part of your life, and you will never have to live with the uncertainty if she is leading you on again.

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