The undeniable signs

a girl wants you to notice her

why do we miss out on relationships?

As men, we tend to be extremely focused on work, goals, and tasks, and very often, we miss the signs a girl wants you to notice her. Because of this, we miss out on many opportunities to meet women that could lead to relationships, etc.

At times though, the signs a girl wants you to notice her are so subtle that even the most seasoned man will miss the signs.

And then there is the other side of the coin. Because of your fear that you may make a fool out of yourself by misinterpreting the signs, you never act. We make decisions in our heads that, if she gives me this one specific sign, then I will know she is undeniably interested in me noticing her. You decide to act only if she gives you that one specific sign.

What happens?

The same thing that happened so many times before with other girls? The sign you asked for never came, you missed the signs she did send you, and you missed the opportunity to get to know her better.

If you want to have a relationship, you need to learn more about the signs women give to show they want you to notice her. If you can do this, you will be so much more successful with women and dating.

we miss the signs she gives us to notice her

can you notice the signs a girl wants you to notice her?

If you are in a group, or at a social gathering and a woman or girl does give you signs she wants you to notice her, will you be able to pick up on these signs?

To mention all the signs a girl sends men that she wants you to notice her will be almost impossible, but there are some obvious signs that even the most unseasoned man cannot miss.

5 of the most obvious signs men miss, that she wants you to notice her.

    1. She walks in front of you, or close by you several times during the day without really having a reason for being in the same area as you.
    2. She will ask questions that have obvious answers to them and yet still ask them as if she does not know.


      • What time is it?
      • What time does this end?
      • Where can I find it?
      • What is happening there?
      • Where did you get the shirt, watch, books for this or that?
    3. She smiles at you and closes her eyelids slowly, and then looks away innocently. Just for interest’s sake, cats do the same thing when they feel safe in your environment.
    4. She will say hi to you but not the rest of your friends when she walks by.
    5. She will act helpless when you are around, hoping you will come to her aid.

(Be careful when you notice number 5. It is a sign that she may be a manipulator that will end up playing with your emotions to get what she wants. Read this article about the women you need to avoid to learn more about women who are the manipulating type.)

what do women or girls think of you do not respond to her signs?

what do the good girls think?

good girl sad you did not notice the signs she wants you

Some women will just be genuinely disappointed and not think anything other than you may not be interested in her. You need to remember, when a girl gives you signs she wants you to notice her, she believes that the signs she sends you are clear and impossible to miss.

If she has an innocent, non-toxic heart and mind, the only result will be disappointment.

She will not think ill of you for missing her signs, only disappointment. She will continue with her life, slightly heartbroken, but she will continue without ever badmouthing you, behind your back.

This type of women is one of the best types of women you can meet in your life but you missed it, simply because you missed the signs she wanted you to notice her.

what do selfish, egoistic girls think?

Girls who do have a manipulative personality and have selfish reasons for wanting a relationship with you though will think you are one of the dumbest individuals alive. How dare you not want to be with her? The signs she gave you to notice her were obvious and in blind sight, it is impossible to miss them. 

But her reaction will be different from the first girl from who you missed the signs.

She will feel betrayed, humiliated, and degraded as a human being. She most probably told her friends she is going to land you and you would be so lucky to be with her.

The humiliation will fuel her anger and in the end, to protect her dignity, she will publicly label you as stupid, ignorant, and childish.

If ever you do miss the signs from women like this, and this is her reaction, count yourself lucky that you missed those signs and did not act on them. 

Can you imagine what your role would have been in that relationship? You guessed it, a subservient to her every demand. And those demands rarely include intimacy.

You will have become her gaffer, the one who serves her grapes and make her look like a goddess amongst her friends. And that would be your only role in her life – the subservient boyfriend, husband, or man bitch

(No apologies given for putting it so crass, it is what you will become – a man bitch)

selfish woman react when you do not notice her signs she wants you

What to do when you do see the signs a girl wants you to notice her?

When you do see signs that a woman wants you to notice her, run through your mental checklist.

  1. Is she your type?
  2. Is she the type of girl for a weekend or your forever girl?

(We do not promote using women, but we do live in a modern world where women also, at times, only want a weekend fling. But be careful, normally women have a longer-term view in mind, even if she doesn’t say so in the beginning. Even the most manipulative, selfish women will want more and you could be setting yourself up for a long-term subservient life if you do act on your desires.

Whatever you choose to do, think with the right head!

obvious signs she wants you to notice her

(You know what we mean. Lust is not a man’s playmate and women know this. Do not fall into a lifetime commitment just for a one night stand.)

Once you determined that she is your type and suits your interests, then pursue her. Even when the signal is so small that it could have been misinterpreted. ACT!!!

Why wait for women to give you signs she wants you to notice her?

It astonishes me how many men will go through life, single, depressed, and feeling worthless because they just do not see any women giving them signs they want you to notice them.

Why on earth do you wait for women to give you a sign that she wants you to notice her before you make a move?

Act! Do you like someone? Go after her.
The worst that can happen is she says no…. for now. You can always try again later.

If you wait too long before you act, you can loose her forever. 

The three Alpha male rules of life:

If you do not go after what you want in life, you will never have it.
If you do not ask, the answer will always be no.
If you do not step forward, you will always be in the same place.

dont wait for a women to give you a sign she likes you before you act

A bit of man to man talk.

Cut the bullshit – “The I am not worthy attitude.”

Choose a girl you like and act on it. Ask her for a coffee, go and have a chat, say hello. Make the first move and deal with what comes next.
If she rejects you, she rejects you. Get over it, wait a while and try again or move on to the next woman.
If she accepts, then man up, and take her for the best coffee she had in her life. Make it fun and ask her questions. Listen more than what you talk, but seriously, stop the bullshit weakness of waiting for a sign she wants you to notice her.

WHAT DO YOU WANT? Be the man women want or be the guy who always sit on the sideline, waiting for a sign she wants you to notice her?


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does she want you to notice her

the signs she wants you to notice her

Could you be losing the women you dream to have in your life, only because you do not notice the signs she also wants YOU to notice HER. How many times do you want to lose the opportunity to have a relationship only because you keep missing the signs.  Have the life and relationships you want. 


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