the different types of
women to avoid

To live a fulfilling life, one needs to make sure that you avoid adding people into your life that will diminish you as a person and make you less than what you are.

toxic relationship and the types of women to avoid

You want people in your life that will respect, love, and stand by you while you both build your lives.

This is equally if not more important when it comes to the women you allow into your life as friends or as a partner.

As a man, you need to understand that there are different types of women out there. Some women are an absolute pleasure to have in your life, while you should avoid others at all costs.

Each of these types of women has specific motives for wanting to attract or be attached to a man.

Not all of these reasons are reasons that will contribute to a more fulfilling life for you as a man. Some women have a motive where love, romance, and true partnership in the relationship are at the core of their desire.

The women you want to avoid though are selfish, destructive human beings and their only focus is their selfish desires to live a life that is centered around them and only them. They will use, abuse, and manipulate you to achieve their selfish desires and leave you stuck in a never-ending spiral of trying to make sense of it all. You will end up with a toxic relationship and a low quality of life that you will not be able to escape from.

how do women find men to love or use?

In the same way, you rank women as good or bad; each of these women, the women you want in your life or the women you want to avoid, rate men based on their desires.

The women you want in your life will rate you based on their perception of you and their evaluation if you can give them what they want, which is romance, love, and companionship.

The women you should avoid and never date, the toxic women, will search for men who show vulnerabilities and who they know they can take advantage of to serve their selfish desires.

what makes men vulnerable and targets for toxic women?

Toxic women who use men will be attuned to find a weakness in a man that they can take advantage of and manipulate to serve their desires.

And trust us; none of those desires include you.

women to avoid choosing men to use

The weak points in men that make them vulnerable are:

• Their emotions,
• Their desires (having a beautiful woman on their side)
• Their desperation to have a woman in their lives.
• Their lacking ability to control their sexual urges.
Women, you should stay away from will do whatever they can to determine if you have a soft and kind soul, the most vulnerable of all the male character traits.

It is a brilliant character trait when you can find a woman who has pure intentions that will serve both of you, but for toxic women, this is one of the most vulnerable cracks in your personality that they will abuse.

They will use manipulation, beauty, sex, and promises to make you think you are the one for them, but in the end, it is only a small part of the manipulative nature to let you lower your guard so that they can get close to you. After that, the only reason she is with you is for what she can get out of you and not because of the person you are.
These women are toxic in every sense of the way because they will poison your life, robbing you of a fulfilling life where true companionship, romance, and love are essential ingredients.

When you live with a toxic, manipulative woman, you will always feel empty, as if your life is all about working to fill a black hole of nothingness, and there is no escape from it.

These are the type of women you should stay away from at all costs.

what are the types of women you should stay away from?

stay away from the ungrateful woman or girlfriend.

The signs of an ungrateful woman or girlfriend will be easy to identify and recognize
They normally show the signs of an ungrateful person through what they think their parents did for them, in comparison with what their parents did for other siblings.

They will always be a victim when you can see that in reality, her parents tried their best to give her the life they wanted for her.

When you give ungrateful women gifts, it would be rare to see them fully appreciative of what you have done or gave them.

It will destroy your self-esteem because you will feel you are never good enough. To some degree, this is a form of manipulation as you will always try to give bigger and more gifts, and the best part of it is, ungrateful women, know it.

Whatever you do in life, stay away from these types of women, you will never be able to make them happy.

the ungrateful women to avoid

stay away from the negative or pessimistic woman.

There is nothing that kills the soul of a man quicker than the constant bickering, negative comments, and pessimistic view of life from a woman.

The negative and pessimistic comments of a woman towards anything you do or you as a person will destroy your soul.

Sometimes these types of women do not project their negativity towards you but in general with everything around them.

It will kill you like slow cancer, and eventually, you will not even look forward to coming home after a long day at work.

stay away from negative and pessimistic women

When you see these signs, it is clear that she is one of the types of women to avoid. The biggest thing you need to realize is that it is not your job to fix her. Men tend to look at these women and think, she is lovely, gorgeous and may have had a very tough life. If she is with you and you can give her the life she never had, she will love and cherish you and think you are her savior.

This never happens though. That negative and pessimistic personality will eventually be directed towards you and everything you do. She will find another man to complain that you are not good enough, do not treat her well and you do nothing to make her feel special. Al this while you are slaving your days away to give her the life she never had.

Our best advice to you; When you see women like this, avoid them at all cost.

stay away from women who needs constant approval or acknowledgment.

stay away from the women constantly looking for acknowledgement

If you want to have a soul that grows old before its time, allow this type of woman to attach herself to you. She will constantly hint for compliments and acknowledgment, and it will not matter what you say or what you do for her.


She will never accept your love or affection. She will constantly seek more.

This will put your relationship at risk because eventually when you have grown tired of trying to make her feel whole and loved, she will look for attention, approval, and acknowledgment from another man.

A strong and fully developed woman will take every compliment you give her and appreciate it comes from a man she loves.

She will appreciate the things you do for her and will fill a place in your life that makes you feel appreciated as a man. A woman who needs constant approval and acknowledgment lives a life focused on her and her needs only, not yours. It is not a mutually beneficial relationship.

As soon as you see any of these signs, then walk away and avoid this type of woman.

stay away from women who are flirtatious and a constant attention seeker.

When you meet a flirtatious attention seeker they will be all over you. You will feel flattered that women like this are so affectionate towards you, flattering your ego and making you feel like you have just landed in the playboy mansion.
Stay away from the flirtatious constant attention seeker.

This behavior will continue until the attention from you is “normal” and no longer excites her.

She conquered you, and that is exactly what these types of women want.

The reason why this is a type of woman to avoid is that the same way they flirted with you to conquer your attention; they will soon start to get the itch to conquer another quest.

They get their excitement and fulfillment from the hunt.

Unfortunately, once you have been caught, you will just be another trophy, and they will go on the hunt again for another.


The only purpose you will serve is to fund their lifestyle, clothing, and expenses as they search for the next trophy.
Sex with you will be as exciting as giving birth to a child is to a nun, and you will spend many nights alone, frustrated, wondering why the attraction is gone.

It is a painful experience for any man, and for this reason, we nominate this as one of the types of women to avoid.

stay away from women who are spenders and have no money management skills.

This group of women to avoid may seem obvious, but for some reason, men fall for these women due to men’s dreams of making women feel like a princess.

But another weakness some men have is their egos.

Alpha males are the most vulnerable to be caught out on this rollercoaster ride of spending big on a woman that should have been avoided from the beginning. The reason is because of the “alpha male character traits” that make them showmen.

Stay away from women who are spenders and have no money management skills.

The Alpha male has an extroverted personality that renders them unable to stop the “big talk” about how much money and success they will have in life.
Women who love to spend, seek out the Alpha male does not look for him because of the success and ambition of the Alpha male.

Women seek out the Alpha male because of their weakness, their egos.

The spender or gold digger knows that they will be able to manipulate and abuse an Alpha male. They know Alpha males will work longer hours to make more money, go into debt and live on the brink of bankruptcy rather than cause any damage to their egos by being honest to these women that they cannot afford to keep up their lifestyle.

But it is not just the Alpha male that is vulnerable. Every male that ranks below the Alpha male on the socio-sexual hierarchy will be vulnerable to the spender because of their soft natures and desperation to keep women happy and be with them.
When you see a woman who loves retail therapy, avoid them. You will never have money to buy your gadgets, invest to grow your life, or live a debt-free life.

Stay away from women who are manipulators.

Stay away from women who are manipulators.

The manipulator is the worst of all women. There is a bit of this toxic personality trait in every single one of these women to avoid. But in some of them, the manipulating personality trait is so enhanced and ingrained in their personality that it takes over their personality.
They no longer have any sense of a conscience that will make them feel bad for misusing another human being for personal gain.

I am not joking or exaggerating when I say these women will take your last breath for personal gain, see you die in the process, and not feel an iota of sadness for you.

In some women, this is worse than in others.

The tricky part is that this manipulative personality trait is so difficult to recognize and it could easily be disguised in women that on the surface seem to be good women.

But once they have you dedicated to a relationship such as marriage, the manipulative personality will become more apparent. You will only then recognize that even the sweet courting gestures and conversations of having a dream of real love, companionship, and romance were only a part of their manipulative play.

A manipulative woman will play the game of manipulation over a long period if she knows that in the end, she will get what she wants, a life that will serve her needs.

It is a process because these women have interwoven their manipulative needs into the souls of the men to such a degree that it hurts men to move away from them.

Stay away from women who lie.

You may think lying women are the same as manipulative women, but they are two very distinct personality traits.

A manipulating personality plays on your weak points, and it could even play out over a long period. A lie on the other end plays out instantaneously, but the lie at times will need to sustain the lie over some time.

A lying woman will develop a blunt conscience where there is absolutely no emotional attachment to you as a man. 

She will spend all her time keeping up and sustaining the lies she needed to tell to cover her deceptive behavior towards you, that she will have no time to consider her relationship and attachment to you.

You will be frustrated as you know there are lies, but if she is good at what she does, lie, she will make sure she tell the lie in such a way that it would be hard to prove.
She will spend all her time to keep you away from situations where you can find out about the lie.

Lying women are normally the type of women who will easily sleep around. She will think she can get away with it as she has with all the other multiple lies she has already told you.

When you find out about a lie, she will bluntly deny the lie and go on with life as if nothing has happened.

It will drive you insane to such a degree that you will eventually believe that you are going out of your mind.

Engaging in a relationship with a liar is a recipe for a toxic relationship and life for you as a man. You will never know what is true or what is lies when this type of woman opens her mouth to speak.

stay away from lying women

stay away from women who are destructive

and have a bullying character trait.

You can split a rock with the smallest chisel if you keep hitting that chisel on the same spot over some time. Regardless of how hard that rock is, the rock will eventually split. A split rock will never be able to be put back together, and that is exactly how so many men die inside over time.
Stay away from women who are destructive and have a bullying character trait.

When you look at most married men, their shoulders droop, their faces hang, and they have very little to no self-confidence left. The only freedom they have from being belittled and beaten down are when they escape to play golf or spend time with other male friends.

Men construct man caves to hang out with friends. What they are doing is building a zone, a safe zone, where women are not allowed to belittle them and break them down further.

The women that beat them down rule the roost and no longer have respect for the man they once loved because “he has changed.” The reason you changed is because of the constant verbal and emotional beating you suffer from being reminded of your weaknesses.
These weaknesses never really existed when you met but like most verbally destructive and insulting women, they will start chipping away at your strong personality until a small crack starts to appear. They then continue chipping on the same points every single opportunity that presents itself. The purpose of this is to conquer you by beating you down until you are subservient, and they can run their lives and the house the way they want to.

This type of woman is equally as dangerous as the manipulative women because they will play their games so subtly and over such a long period that the victim rarely notices the destructive game being played until it is too late. When you see how a woman speaks about another man, and you notice a belittling of the man, make sure that you add these women to the list of women to avoid.

stay away from women who play you againts other men.

The ninth type of woman is someone you never want to be a part of your life is a woman who compares you to other men and then ranked you on a lower scale than the man she is comparing you to. She will normally pick your weak points and highlight them by comparing how strong the “friend” is in that area. Once you notice you are being compared to another man or “a friend”, you may as well close the door on a relationship with this woman.
Stay away from women who play you against other men.

The reason we advise you to do this is that “the friend” you are constantly being compared to is the man who has captured this woman’s imagination and desire.

He has gone past the point of being a friend even if they have not yet engaged in sexual relations.

An emotional connection has been made, and you will forever live in the shadow of this man even if the friendship with this man ends eventually.

This “friend” will always be a part of her thinking and desires.

It is okay for a woman to have friends. But as soon as the comparison starts you know that she has applied the ranking on her socio-sexual hierarchy and you have been ranked lower than “the friend.”

You have to ask yourself the question, do you want to live your life in the shadow of another man, and more than that, do you want to share your life with a woman who has ranked you on a lower rung on the socio-sexual hierarchy than the friend?

what to do when you
identified women in your life as women to avoid?

When you have women in your life you know you should stay away from

All the above are signs of a bad woman, a bad girlfriend, low-quality women, and women that you should avoid having a relationship with. Even a friendship should be avoided because one lonely night you will find yourself texting this friend to come over for a drink, a chat, and some companionship.

Lust and desire are not a man’s playmate. It is a beast that is hard to tame and should not be toyed with. The drink or chat will end in sex or some sort of commitment to pursue a relationship.

Once you have crossed that line, any or all of the bad character traits of the women you should avoid, listed above, could be played and used to latch onto you. 

You will have fallen into her trap because each of these women in this list is like silent snipers that are patiently playing their game. They know it is only a matter of time before one of the men she has been playing her game with, gives her a call for a drink or a chat.

From another point of view; do not look at all of these signs and think you can now use this information to find a girlfriend easily.

You should never lower your standards to get a girlfriend. You should never engage in a relationship with any of these women, thinking that you will stay on top of things.

Never think you can use this information, just to get laid.

As we have guaranteed you before – they will outsmart you, outplay you and outlast you.

In the end, there will be only one survivor; the women we told you, you should avoid at all costs.

do not engage with woman you know you should stay away from
Avoid her at all costs and with this we mean to stay away from women with these signs even if the attraction is there. Some of these women are so manipulative that they use sexual and emotional triggers to lure a man into a relationship, and afterward, it will be emotionally and physically impossible to set yourself free again. You will end up living a frustrated life and stuck with a toxic relationship.

If you have gone as far as accepting invitations and a friendship has developed, do whatever you can to distance yourself, but whatever you do, don’t date her. To cut a friendship is easier than to cut a relationship once you started to date her. So for the sake of your happiness and fulfilling future, don’t date her.

If you do see signs of the women you should avoid, and you find yourself to be extremely lonely, do not lower your standards just so that you can engage in a friendship or relationship. If you have been playing with the thought if you should lower your standards to get a girlfriend, change your thinking. Rather than lower your standards to get a girlfriend, why not raise the bar on yourself, develop and grow to be a man that can attract women with substance, pure motives, and who will add to your life so that you can live a fulfilling life. But whatever you do, do not lower your standards to get a girlfriend or to engage in a relationship with any of these women you now know you should avoid.

From one man to another, take the advice; avoid these women at all cost. This is a 100% guarantee, engaging with women that show clear signs you should avoid them, will always have only one result; a toxic and unfulfilling relationship and life.

– written to help men get control back of their lives –
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